Creating newborn digital art is the process of combining two images: one of a background and one of a baby, into one final beautiful photograph.

I have a collection of 100 digital backdrops for newborn babies. They range from simple, neutral props to more elaborate set-ups with flowers and different textures.

Before a session, my clients choose the digital backdrops from my collection that they like the most. In order for the best result, it’s important that clients have fabric or material on hand that matches the colour and texture of the material inside the prop. Oftentimes, sweaters or blankets that people already have on hand, work best with their chosen backdrops. Once we have matched fabric, I help clients, over video, pose their baby in their home. I help to match the light in their photo to the light in their chosen backdrop as closely as possible to ensure a natural result when I combine the two images.

Once clients send me the digital images they have taken, I begin the process of combining the two photos. First, I edit the photo of their baby to match the colours in the backdrop they have taken. Then I combine the two images using different layers in Photoshop. The goal is for the final image to look like a photograph taken in a professional studio.

Two photos of newborn baby girl wrapped in swaddles

Ottawa Newborn Photographer | Virtual Photography Session