I have been waiting to use this fun truck prop since last year and it was even more fun than I expected!

ottawa family photographer

For my new Festive Farm Sessions my new red truck was set against the rustic barn board backdrop of a wonderful local farm. The old fashion style of the truck, the gorgeous texture of the aged wood walls, and some festive trees all worked beautifully together to create a gorgeous setting for families and children to capture their special holiday memories. 

ottawa family photos

While we were protected from above from the barn, the open sides meant we had lots of fresh air and space to safely continue the holiday photo tradition for many families this very different year. 

ottawa christmas photos

Even with a bit of extra distance separating us we had such a fun time during holiday sessions. Excited children and a fun truck prop to play in meant our time together was filled with laughter and joy. I’m thrilled I was able to help capture so many amazing holiday memories this year and love that there are so many happy and joy filled holiday cards and prints making their way around to family and friends. 

Ottawa Family Photographer