The end of this school year is not what anyone expected. Plans we had, milestone celebrations that we looked forward to, and lots of lead up time to get used to the big changes that many of us were expecting; all were lost in what felt like a blink of an eye when one day life was as we expected it to be and the next day it was not.

As a parent it’s been hard to watch our children lose one important thing to them after another. At the same time, watching how children have been able to adapt and get excited about new “traditions” and changes to their celebrations has been really inspiring.

Our daughter made the brave choice to graduate from elementary school early and move on to high school without all of her classmates beside her. We’re proud of her for choosing a harder path that was the best choice for her and we are excited to celebrate her graduation in any way we can. It’s time to recognize all of her hard work and mark this huge transition in her life.

We did our best to keep our family tradition of shopping for a grad dress with mom alive. This time, instead of heading to the mall, we brought out a measuring tape, scoured the online stores, and estimated delays in shipping times. When her dress arrived just in time for the end of the blossom season in Ottawa we were thrilled. Grad photos amongst the blossoms was one tradition that she was not going to have to miss out on.

Sara found a gorgeous location, perfect for our nature lover with an eye for the aesthetic. The colours in the trees and the glowing sun was magical, she couldn’t have dreamt of a more stunning backdrop for her session.

Very much used to being a middle child and waiting patiently for others to be in the front, her spirit and personality shone in the spotlight of Sara’s camera. Both her serious side and her fun loving spirit came out that evening; I love that Sara caught all of her different expressions on camera. Our daughter has never been one to shy away from a challenge so when Sara asked her if she could climb a tree in her dressy shoes she went up the tree without hesitation. She had so much fun during her session, it was a great way to celebrate her graduation and she’s thrilled to have beautiful photos of herself.

We can’t help but be nervous for her as she starts a new path with way more uncertainty than we ever could have imagined. But we also know that if anyone can handle the challenge and make the best of a tough road ahead, it is her. We can’t wait to see what is ahead for her in high school!

Ottawa Graduation Photographer