If you’re like most people, a lot of those photos you take on a daily or weekly basis look the same.  We are creatures of habit, which means we tend to take photos of the same subjects in similar situations, light, and poses.  In order to help you break out of your rut, I have some ideas for fun Father’s day photos you can take of your child(ren) and their dad.

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1.  Dad duty. What is something your partner regularly does with your kids that you typically don’t take photos of because it’s just a part of your regular routine.  For example, is he in charge of bath time?  The morning routine?  Bed time?  Saturday morning breakfast?  Does he greet your kids the same way every day when he comes in the door? Or does he do something special with them before he leaves on a business trip? Don’t miss out on photographing the rituals that he has with your kids because before you know it they will change and you won’t have any tangible memories of that stage in your lives.

father's day photo tips

2.  Photograph their backs.  Yes, I’m serious.  Let go of the notion that the best photos have to have people looking at the camera and smiling (at least for the month of June!).  Photograph your partner playing and interacting with your kids even if it means you’re taking photos of their backs as they run away from you or it’s just a pile of limbs on the floor because everyone is tickling or wrestling dad.  

3.  Back up.  Not everyone loves to have their photo taken and it’s a lot easier to convince people to be the subject of photographs if you can back up and give them lots of space.  Rather than focusing on close-up images of your partner with your kids, stand back and take photos of them from a distance.  You may not see their faces clearly but you’ll have photos that tell a story of whatever adventure you’re on, activity they’re doing (washing the car, gardening, going for a walk), and everyone will be happier with the extra space. 

father's day photo ideas

4. Tradition.  It’s never too late to start a yearly photo tradition.  Choose an activity, location, outfit, or place in your house that can be easily repeated every year and take a photo of your partner and your kids.  It’s a great way to show how much the kids change from year to year and it’s a fun series of photos that can be displayed as a collage when your kids are older.  Something simple like sitting on the same piece of furniture on a park bench or wearing the same colour of clothes can be easily replicated every year.  

father's day photos

5. Print your photos.  As fun as it is to scroll through photos on your phone, there’s nothing better than seeing them on display at home or at work.  Find a way to display the photos that your husband will love.  For example, if he’s a sports fan than incorporate sports into the frame you create for the photo(s).  If he loves board games, then use scrabble tiles to write a message on the side of the photo frame. I’ve created a Pinterest board with gift ideas, many of which incorporate photos of your kids and their dad into the gift.  

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