Please be patient while we get our ducks in a row.

My goal, with every session I offer, is for parents and children to have a fun, stress-fee, and enjoyable experience.  Those of you who know me also know that safety is one of my top priorities. From the locations I choose to the props I incorporate into sessions, my clients’ comfort and well being guide all the decisions I make.  

While Stage 2 guidelines allow for photography studios and services to re-open, physical distancing must be maintained whenever possible: 

Everyone, regardless of where they live in the province, must continue to follow public health advice, including to practise physical distancing, wear a face covering if physical distancing is a challenge, wash hands frequently and thoroughly, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

June 8th Update

Family, Maternity, and Newborn Studio Photography Sessions require close contact: from posing newborns, to fixing parents’ hair and clothing, to tickling toddlers and removing stray hairs from in front of eyes.  While I am eager to photograph clients’ milestones, I am not re-opening my studio until I am certain it is safe to do so.  

For now, Baby & Child, Family, and Maternity Sessions will take place outdoors.  Newborn Sessions will take place virtually or outdoors.  Studio sessions will be on hold until I have addressed concerns regarding: 

  • Paper backdrops, fabric floors, and material props.  These items are in direct contact with newborns, babies, and toddlers.  Due to the material they are made from, they cannot be sanitized.  Further research is needed to determine the ideal length of time between scheduled sessions.
  • Safely interacting with children & babies who cannot practice physical distancing.  When physical distancing measures cannot be practiced, it is necessary to wear a face covering.  I rely on facial expressions, songs, and fun noises to elicit happy smiles from babies, toddlers, and children.  Given the stress families have experienced in the past three months, my priority is to ensure all children have a positive photography experience. I don’t feel that being in an unfamiliar studio environment with an unknown adult in a mask is in their best interests at this time.  Before re-opening, I need to create an alternate way to engage with children that allows for safe distancing and fun interactions. 
  • Guidelines for Personal Care Services.  When working indoors, Newborn, Baby, and Maternity Photographers are in close proximity to their clients, as are professionals working in hair salons, beauty salons, piercing services, and spas.  The guidelines for professionals who are in close contact with clients are as follows: “Patrons wear face coverings at all times.  Workers wear face coverings and other appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves”.  As it is not possible for clients to wear face coverings, I will need to determine the best course of action for studio sessions where close proximity is required. 
  • Masks are ineffective after being touched. Poses using studio lighting require multiple hands on adjustments throughout the session.  Because my camera is in front of my face and mask, each time I re-pose a client, I would have to leave the studio to wash my hands.  This process is disruptive to clients, who would need to remain in the same pose until I returned to the studio.  I will continue to research a safe work flow that allows for proper sanitation and the safe use of PPE that does not interfere with my ability to use my camera.
  • Within arm’s reach safety measures.  In order to maintain little ones’ safety and security, I have parents beside me or their child for the duration of the session.  In order to maintain proper physical distancing, parents would need to remain 6 feet behind me while I am photographing their child in the studio. While I consider how to utilize the studio space in a safe way, I will photograph babies and children outside where parents can remain within arm’s reach.

This document will be updated as government regulations change, new information becomes available, as well as when new safety measures can be implemented.

As eager as I am to resume studio sessions, my priority will be taking time to ensure the proper safety precautions, sanitation procedures, and work flows are in place to protect all of my clients and my family.  We have been working hard behind the scenes for the past several weeks to prepare for modified outdoor sessions and will now switch gears to focus on preparing for the studio re-opening.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, I welcome your feedback.

If you would like details on Summer Sessions, please get in touch!