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This wide-eyed little one came into my cozy studio on a cold February day for her newborn photos when she was just 8 days old. She was very alert for being so new to this world! 

Mom and dad are of course head over heels in love with their sweet little one. The way they look at their little girl with adoration and amazement is beautiful. There is nothing in this world like the love and pride a new parent has for their baby. 

For their family photos together, mom and dad both had a turn to snuggle little Miss E. I think it’s important to have a beautiful portrait with everyone facing the camera but those candid shots of them looking down at their little girl are so full of emotion that I think they’re my favourites.

Before mom and dad finished up their photos, we all got into position to take a shot of their baby girl in their hands against a black backdrop. This is a popular type of image at my newborn sessions because it really shows off just how tiny baby is compared to mom and dad’s hands and also allows baby to really ‘pop’ against the dark backdrop. Once we were into position against the black, little Miss E. was less than interested in being asleep but I was more than happy to pose her while awake. Her alert, dark eyes look gorgeous against the black! 

Mom and dad wanted a photo of all of their hands together and the black backdrop was also perfect for that shot. In just a few months it will be hard to believe how small her little fingers once were. Just before moving off the black, Miss E. followed my camera with her curious eyes and I captured my favourite expression of the day. With her little finger in her mouth and her eyes fixed on me, we could only imagine just what she could have been thinking! 

I soothed her back to sleep and finished up the session with photos of Miss E. on the posing cushion for beautiful, classic shots of her peacefully asleep and included a special swaddle they brought for her. It was wonderful to meet the three of them and a joy to capture their baby girl’s first photos.

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