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It’s happened to all of us, even me: your camera battery or phone isn’t charged; you missed the smudge on your lens, you forgot to back-up your photos. 

Here are a few reminders to make sure you don’t miss out on beautiful memories!

1) Clean the lenses on your camera and the lens on your phone with a microfibre cloth to wipe away smudges and dirt.  Sometimes your photos look a little bit blurry because of a smudge on the lens.

2) Our cameras function best when the battery is over 70% charged. Having your charger in a visible location will help remind you to charge your battery on a regular basis.

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3) I have a hard time remembering to transfer the photos on my phone to my computer, which is why I set a reminder in Google Calendar to transfer and sort my photos on a monthly basis.  I have a much easier time deleting duplications and multiple photos from the same day when I can see just how many photos I took over the course of one month!  

4) Did you know your camera has software that needs to be updated on a regular basis?  Use the cord that your camera came with to plug it in to your computer to download the updates.

5) Did you know Adobe Lightroom, one of the most popular editing programs for photographers, has a free app that allows you to edit your photos on your phone as well as save and buy presets?  It’s a great way to enhance your beautiful memories without having to edit your photos on your computer.  

6) Don’t forget to print your camera and cell phone photos!  Several companies make small and affordable photo books.  If you sign up to their newsletters it’s a great reminder to print your images when their promotional offers land in your inbox.  Ordering two copies of each book is a great way to preserve your memories AND let your kids enjoy the photos: one book for them to look at and one for you to tuck away for safe keeping.

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