ottawa pet photographer

Since the physical distancing measures have started, I haven’t photographed any sessions. The only action my newborn props have seen is with a cat, hamster, and now kitten!

ottawa pet photography

The weather has been so beautiful that I couldn’t resist bringing my props outdoors and borrowing a kitten for some newborn photos.

ottawa pet photos

There is very little physical distancing that can be done in a studio newborn sessions: it’s quite literally ‘all hands on deck’. I was keen to experiment with my props and backdrops outdoors to see how much of my studio I could re-create.

ottawa pet photographer

Photographing this little guy was much tricker than other newborns! For one thing, I’m not used to my newborn subjects running away from me. They’re also not usually that interested in playing with my props or distracted by birds flying overhead.

ottawa photographer

He fell asleep for a very brief period, reminding me just how many cute photos I can take in a very short amount of time!

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