These boys are always a hoot at their family sessions so I couldn’t wait to have them at the studio for their Extraordinary You Sessions. I have been photographing them for years and we always end up laughing so hard we almost cry, these boys are hilarious and always a joy!

ottawa family photos

The best part about my Extraordinary You Sessions is that they are all about the teens and youth themselves which means these sessions can be practically anything.

ottawa teen photos

For the boys’ sessions we started off with portraits of them in their regular clothing, both on their own and together for updated photos. Even in their teens, children change so quickly so I love to start these sessions with a really classic portrait that suits their sense of style and captures their personality. The expressions on these handsome boys’ faces in their portraits are perfect. I know them so well now after so many sessions together that I was thrilled with how they turned out. They did such a great job! 

The teen years are a time when activities and interests are really important. Teens are finding out more about who they are and they decide more and more on their own how to spend their time. Each of these boys have their own separate interests so what they chose to include as a part of their sessions are really different. 

ottawa hockey photos

Incorporating a costume made for really fun photos but was also a great opportunity for the younger of the two to capture his creative and expressive side. For older brother, hockey is a big part of his life so on the day of his session he brought his big bag of gear with him for creating some beautiful shots of him dressed for his favourite hobby. 

ottawa youth photographer

As is now a well-loved tradition at their sessions, we finished up with a fun pose that this time had them battling it out in costume. And of course, as always, we ended the session in lots of laughter. 

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