Earlier this year I was so excited to share the transformation that took place in the studio over the Christmas holidays. I never imagined that less than three months later I would be closing the doors to my studio. I know the closure is temporary but I’m still having a hard time walking by the door of my studio: it’s a constant reminder that, right now, everything is uncertain.

As a non-essential business, I was directed by the government to close my doors. The decision to follow that directive to protect my families health and the health of my clients was an easy one. What wasn’t easy was knowing I wouldn’t be able to photograph several maternity and newborn sessions for clients. Sessions they have been eagerly anticipating and sessions that can’t always wait until the social distancing measures pass.

What I love most about maternity and newborn sessions is getting to know my clients. Hearing the stories about their pregnancies, finding out how they are coping, and sharing any resources or words of wisdom I think might be helpful. The studio has been closed for less than two weeks but I’m already missing that connection.

When I realized we wouldn’t be able to celebrate Brenda’s fortieth birthday with her in person I knew we had to do something to brighten her day. Without shopping or coming within 2-3 meters of her.

This was the first time I’d been in my studio since my last session. We rolled out my white paper backdrop paper and the boys painted a huge sign. My husband is forever building props for me, which meant he had a lot of scrap wood in the garage. He was able to build a stand for our giant paper sign and we surprised her by setting up the sign on the morning of her birthday and singing happy birthday from behind the sign.

I hope there are many bright and colourful days ahead of me in the studio but for now, it looks like it will be a temporary art studio for our family.

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