I have a lot of clients who book regular photography sessions for themselves and their kids despite the fact that they don’t love being in front of the camera.  When I asked one of the moms about this she explained to me that even though she doesn’t necessarily enjoy being in front of the camera she continues to have photography sessions with her kids because she wants them to have these memories of themselves with her as they grow up.  She wants them to be able to look back and see the love they have for one another and their connection that was the one constant no matter what else was going on in their lives.

This Mother’s Day I challenge you to take time to think about your favourite moments with your own children and have your partner or a friend photograph some of those moments for you.  Even if the photos are taken with a cell phone you can still create a photo book for your child(ren) as well as prints to display in their room.  You are one of the most important people in their lives and no matter what your reservations you will be amazed how much your kids love looking at photos of the two of you together and talking about the memories they have.

Here are some suggestions for capturing beautiful memories of you with your little ones without worrying about your outfit, the backdrop, or your hair and make up.  You can use your own camera with a remote (some cameras can also be triggered by an app on your phone), have a family member or friend use their camera or phone, or swap photo taking with a friend so you both end up in photos with your own kids!

1. Routines.  What’s your favourite part of your day with your child?  The morning when they get up?  Bedtime?  Mealtime?  Take photos of that time of day but remember that the photos are meant to capture the time you spend together: it’s not about how you look or that both of you are looking at the camera and smiling.  

2. Story time.  Take photos reading your favourite books.  Make sure there are some shots of the front of the books so when you look back at the photos you’ll be reminded about what their favourite stories were at that age.

3. Don’t forget about the details.  Remember to take photos of your hands with their hands.  It won’t be long before you’re looking back at the photos in wonder and amazement that their hands were ever that small.  

4. Hugs & kisses.  If they are at the age and stage where they love to give hugs and kisses, make sure you get photos of them with their scrunched up ‘kiss’ face or of them with their head on your shoulder.  

5. Embrace the whirlwind.  The baby and toddler stages are a time when the movement never stops so don’t forget to include photos of the ‘chaos’ that comes with playtime.  The best place for photos with movement is during the day when there is a lot of light coming in your windows.  This is the perfect time for photos of a baby airplane, tickles, jumping,  or dancing.  

6. Meal time.  The snacks are endless so make sure you capture photos of you feeding your baby, preparing snacks with your toddler, sitting at the table and eating together, and keep shooting through the silly faces and mess.  

7. The littlest helper.  Babies and toddlers love to help whether it’s tidying up toys, helping with laundry, cleaning, or taking care of pets.  I am of course using the term ‘help’ with a good dose of humour 😉  Remember to take photos of you with your child(ren) spending time together around your home and outside.  With Spring on it’s way, it’s the perfect time for photos of the two of you together outside cleaning up the yard together. 

8. Mess.  Messy activities are a great way to keep your little one occupied, which means less photos of them trying to run away!  Playdough, paint, sensory bins, and baking are great ways to get them interested in an activity long enough for your partner or friend to photograph the two of you together.

9. Mirror mirror on the wall.  Use the mirrors around your home to capture photos of the two of you together.  Depending on their height and where they’re located you can use mirrors to take photos of you at different points of the day with your children (e.g., bedtime, meal time).  

10. Print your photos.  Make sure that you back up your photos to your computer or the cloud and take time to put together a photo book for your child.  They will love looking at the photos of the two of you together!