I really enjoyed meeting this family of five at their little girl’s newborn session this Winter. They were lots of fun to photograph and chose a really beautiful colour palette with some of my favourite digital backdrops for their session so I loved seeing everything come together.  

With older siblings on the younger side we never fully know what to expect at a session as the transition can be hard when a baby is brought home but big brother and sister did amazing at their session. The photos of them with their baby sister so lovingly touching and even kissing baby Miss S are heart melting. For one of their photos together all of the kiddos brought their own special stuffie which I know will be a really special photo for all of them to have when they’re older. I think we all have one special toy from our childhood that we hang on to so it’s lovely to have a photo with it from the time you are little. 

After the family and sibling photos were taken big sister and brother were done so they got to head out of my studio for some playtime while I finished up the session with Miss S’s newborn photos. For her individual photos, I planned a combination of photos of her in props, on the posing cushion, and her special composite photos. This gave the family a beautiful variety of photos and showed off all of little Miss S’s adorable features. I really love the poses of Miss S with her hands under her chin as they showed off her incredibly squishy and adorable cheeks. Having a mix of soft colours and bold colours along with the more dramatic composite pieces means that wherever this lovely family wants to hang their photos they will have just the right one for it!