This bright eyed little boy came into my studio for his newborn session and he was an absolute pleasure to photograph and pose. He snoozed away for much of his session but when he did open up his eyes I was surprised by how bright and intense his stare was. I think he will be a curious little boy!

For Mr. A’s session, we started with photos of the family together and for photos with mom and dad on their own with their little man. As parents we often slip into the habit of only mom or only dad taking the majority of the family photos so it’s always a wonderful idea to make sure there are shots of children with both parents. After we took their photos together on my barn board backdrop we posed the family against my bright white dream light. I love the dream lighting for capturing the candid moments with a new baby, the way new parents look at and cuddle their new baby is incredibly sweet and heartwarming.

Before moving on to photos of just Mr. A we posed him in mom and dad’s hands on a black backdrop. This shot really shows how tiny he is, soon I know his mom and dad will find it hard to believe he was ever this small so I love that they have this reminder of how tiny he was when he was first born.

For the photos of Mr. A on his own his parents chose to include a variety of image types including super sweet photos of him curled up in props and on my posing fabric. Mom and Dad also chose to include composite images I created by photographing Mr. A in studio and then combining his photos with their favourite digital backdrops. They chose a beautiful variety of backdrops including more classic nests and hanging wreaths to a really fun holiday backdrop, perfect for celebrating baby’s first Christmas with. 

Mr. A did such an incredible job posing for his photos during his session and I’m thrilled with how his photos turned out. Congratulations to Mom and Dad on their beautiful baby boy!

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