I remember how life changing it was to go from having no children to having one baby so it always amazes me when first time parents bring their twins in for their newborn session. This lovely couple has gone from having no children to having two babies overnight and I’m so impressed at how well they’re able to juggle everything already. 

After their family photos I photographed mom and dad separately with both of their sweet little girls. It seems a bit cliche to tell twin parents that they “have their hands full” but when you see both girls in their arms together they quite literally do! 

Mom and Dad really wanted to include a Christmas themed photo as a part of the girls’ photos together so for a special holiday treat I dressed them in my reindeer and deer hats against my forest backdrop. They looked absolutely adorable snuggled up with their woodland friends. 

For the girls’ more traditional portraits I posed them together and alone on my posing cushion. The pose of them together with one sister cuddled up to her sister’s back is one of my favourite ways to photograph twins together. The girls seemed to really like nestling into each other and after so many months together in close quarters it’s easy to understand why. These girls are going to be photographed a lot together over their childhood so we also made sure they each had a chance to shine on their own. These sweet little girls were a joy to photograph and I’m thrilled to have been there to help this family capture these very special memories.

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Newborn Photos