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My Mother’s Day Session planning has been in the works since last April and I thought I had all of the plans finalized even before the last of the snow of 2019 had melted away. Well, as it often does, inspiration hit me and right before New Year’s this year my studio underwent it’s most extensive renovations since moving into my current location. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and my clients (as well as myself!) have been enjoying all of the new possibilities my renovated space has given us since. Check out my newly renovated studio here, I love it! 

Once I was using the new space regularly and trying out my new 2020 backdrops inspiration hit again, this time for my Mother’s Day Sessions. Thankfully I had many lovely families eager to model my new sets so I was able to try out my ideas before sessions start this April. Once I started photographing these lovely families with their children I knew all of the last minute planning was worth it, I can’t tell you how excited I am for these sessions!

This year my Mother’s Day Sessions will be held against the backdrop of THREE gorgeous sets. 

My yellow set with green and gold accents was so popular last year that I knew I needed to bring back an updated version for 2020! My studio’s new white set will be decorated with fresh green and gold accents evoking feelings of fresh Spring growth and new life, perfect for celebrating motherhood.  This set is perfect for posed photos or for playful and candid images of you cuddling, twirling, or playing with your kids.  The new white backdrop means that there are expanded wardrobe possibilities with the new neutral wall and floor colour.

The second set is a gorgeous antique grey that looks beautiful in both colour and black and white. This set is perfect for children of all ages and is best suited to closely posed or candid portraits of moms with their children. The textured grey backdrop is perfect for neutral outfits in creams or pastels or for more formal dresses and outfits.

The third set has a gorgeous blue backdrop that is quickly becoming one of my favourite colours to photograph sessions with. The rich blue colour is ideal for those that love colour yet classic enough for your photos to be hung throughout your home as wall art.  This set is perfect for older children and teens who may be reluctant to participate in a themed session.  

I hope to see you and your family soon for photos on my brand new Mother’s Day sets.

Are you on the fence about whether or not you’d like to book a session for yourself?

It’s Time

A couple of years ago I had the chance to interview several of my clients about why photography sessions have become such an important part of their families’ traditions. One of my questions focused on my clients’ advice to families who are reluctant to book a photography session.  There always seems to be at least 20 reasons not to book a session and I was curious to know how my clients overcame their own reservations to book regular sessions for their own families.

One piece of advice in particular has stuck with me since that day: “we do it for our kids”.

A lot of people don’t like having their photo taken.  They are concerned about their appearance. They don’t like their hair or how their clothes fit.  They think they will be happier with how they look in the future. They don’t like being the centre of attention.  They’re busy and booking a session is just one more thing on a never ending list of things to do.

As a mom of three, I hear you.

What I loved about this mom’s comment was that even though we sometimes don’t want to invest the time or money in something we are anxious or stressed about, we can often overcome those reservations when we realize how important it is to our kids. You see wrinkles and bags under your eyes and exhaustion but your kids see the person who loves them unconditionally, who is there to take care of bumped knees, find lost toys, and who is there for them when they come home from school after a bad day.  As much as Mother’s Day Sessions are about moms they’re ultimately about our relationships with our kids and celebrating that bond. The days feel long sometimes but the years we have with our children at home are short and your children will treasure these beautiful memories for years to come.

This Mother’s Day celebrate with beautiful photographs of your children with one of their very favourite people of all: their mother. Come join your children on my gorgeous new sets and make memories together that you will look back on and enjoy forever.

FAQ about my 2020 Mother’s Day Sessions 

When are sessions taking place?

Mother’s Day Sessions are on Friday, April 17th and Saturday, April 18th. 

What are the session options?

There are 3 different session options you can choose from. There is a special offer available only to members of my VIP List.

-10 minute Moment Session ($225+hst) for 2 people (e.g., Mother & child or Grandmother & child). Sessions include use of 1-2 sets, 3 edited and retouched digital images in both colour and black & white as well as 2 gift prints. 

-15 minute Memories Session ($345+hst) for 4 people (e.g., Mother and 2 children, Mother and 3 children, Mother, Grandmother & 2 children).  Sessions include use of 1-2 sets, 5 edited and retouched digital images in both colour and black & white as well as 3 gift prints. 

-20 minute More Memories Session ($425+hst) for up to 6 people (e.g, 2 adults and four children or 1 adult and 5 children or 3 adults and 3 children.  A maximum of 3 adults can be photographed together at the same time on the sets. Sessions include use of 1-2 sets, 8 edited and retouched digital images in both colour and black & white as well as 4 gift prints. 

Can I use all the sets?

Your session can be styled to include the 1-2 sets or just your favourite set, it’s up to you! The backdrops are meant to be just that: backdrops.  They are not the ‘star’ of the session: the focus is on you and your family members. My goal is always to choose neutral and timeless backdrops that will look beautiful on the walls of your home in 5, 10, and 20 years from now.  Rather than rush through three different sets that require different styles of outfits, I recommend choosing your favourite 1-2 sets to ensure your final gallery of images is cohesive and will look beautiful when displayed together.

If we want family photos, can we book a Mother’s Day Session?

You can!

Usually your sessions are only for me and my kids.  For the Mother’s Day Session, can my mom be in the photos?

Yes she can!  We have three sessions available and all three have the option for Grandma to be included in the photos.

Why aren’t the sessions in May?

When Spring arrives in Ottawa, most families are eager to get outside, which is why I schedule my Mother’s Day Sessions for April.  I also want you to have your final images before Mother’s Day, including your prints. Many clients give the images from their session to their own Mothers and Mothers-in-law as gifts for Mother’s Day, which is another reason why the sessions take place in mid-April.

I want to give the session to someone as a gift.  How do I do that?

Book your session online through the boutique and then send us an email at and we can create a custom gift certificate for you.

I’ve been putting off booking a photography session for myself and the kids for a long time. What if I’m not 100% sure I’m ready for this? 

I have a Session Coordinator, Brenda, who is here to help you every step of the way!  One of the reasons we have a detailed session questionnaire is so we have all your concerns well in advance of the session and can work together to create a plan you’re comfortable with.  You also get weekly updates leading up to your session to help you prepare and strategies to help get your kids, and yourself, ready for the session. If you need help choosing outfits, just send us a few quick cell phone snapshots of the options and we can help you sort out your wardrobe as well.  We are here to help you every step of the way!

I can’t wait to see you in the studio this April 18th! Booking starts via my VIP List newsletter on March 10th.