I couldn’t wait to meet this sweet little one and her lovely fathers at her newborn session. Planning sessions is something we love to do and when parents say they would like to incorporate Christmas into some of their photos I get especially excited. Newborn babies and celebrating Christmas are two of my favourite things so the chance to combine them is something I was thrilled to be a part of.

Little Miss E was only 5 days old when she came into the studio and she was a rockstar throughout her session. She loved to curl and snuggle into her fathers’ arms and hands as we took their family and parent photos.

fathers' hands curled around newborn daughter

One of my favourite photos from their session has to be the one with her fathers’ hands encircling her, she looks so tiny in their hands but also surrounded with love. She loved snuggling her fathers so much that I almost felt bad when it was time to photograph her on her own. Miss E did great though and was happily soothed to sleep on my posing cushion and in props for the most adorable photos of her snoozing the day away. She even gave me the sweetest smile as she dreamed!

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Newborn Photos