This lovely couple is expecting their first baby soon and came into my studio to capture this really special time as they wait for their baby’s arrival. I’m thrilled with the beautiful gallery from their session! A maternity session in studio offers a variety of lighting and backdrop options that can be used to create some really dramatic and expressive photos of mom and dad to be.

This couple enjoyed previous sessions of mine that included different high key and low key lighting so I styled their session in a way that included a variety of different lighting setups. Studio maternity sessions are the perfect opportunity to use lighting to create just the right mood you’re looking for in your photos. 

The photos with the bright white backdrop and high key lighting really made mom and dad (and baby to be!) pop in their photos. I love how the mood of the bright lights mirrors the excitement and anticipation of this mom and dad to meet their little one soon.

With my bright white backdrop up I also captured silhouettes of both mom and the couple together. The contrast of them in shadow against the white is striking and perfect for highlighting this gorgeous mama-to-be’s growing baby.

We finished their session against my black backdrop. The black backdrop and moody low key lighting is increasingly a popular request at maternity sessions and it’s easy to see why. The shadows in their photos created a really dramatic feel and with the strategically placed lights your eye can’t help but be drawn to the beautiful curves of mama’s belly.

This couple was so much fun to photograph and I loved that they were keen to explore a variety of lighting setups during their session. I am looking forward to meeting their little one soon at their newborn session!

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Maternity Photos