I will admit to not particularly enjoying shopping except when it comes to a few select things. One of those things is backdrops and props for the studio!

photography backdrop trees

Like clothing and home decor, trends in photography come and go, which can make it challenging to choose new items for the studio. As fun as it can be to jump on a band wagon (hello llamas and cactuses!), the popular themes for sessions change more often than the seasons, which means when it comes to picking backdrops and props, I’m always looking to purchase items that will withstand the Pinterest and social media trends.

photography backdrop forest

In November I ordered 7 new backdrops for the studio for baby, child, and newborn sessions.

grey photo backdrop
Grey Canvas

The backdrops are perfect for milestone sessions (e.g., 6 months, 1 year, 3 years) as well as for photos for special occasions (e.g., special outfits, celebrating the seasons). I chose four neutral options (Grey Canvas, Bricks, Window, Birch), and three options with more colour and ‘pop’ (Bold Flowers, Meadow, and Fall)

floral photo backdrop

I can also use them as backdrops for newborn sessions. Here’s an example of my Rainbow backdrop ‘in action’

rainbow hearts and cloud for newborn photos
floral photo backdrop
Bold Flowers
brick photo back drop
window photo backdrop

Here are the backdrops I already have in the studio collection:

photography backdrops
photo backdrops
photo backdrops
photo backdrops
chairs against different photo backdrops

What I love most about the options available is how we can customize them to different ages and stages but also how a few added props can completely change the ‘look’ of a backdrop. Here’s to another year of colourful and whimsical sessions!