Halloween is an exciting time for kids of all ages.  Costumes, candy, and spooky fun with friends makes this one of my boys’ favourite holidays. Here are some of my favourite tips for spooktacular Halloween memories!

Babies in a cow Halloween costume

Have a dress rehearsal

Don’t wait until October 31st to take photos of your children in their costumes.  If your child is wary of new things, it’s a good idea to have them practice wearing their costume before you try to take photos of them.  They will be much happier for photos if they’re comfortable with their Halloween outfit.

Baby dressed as a dragon

Does it fit?  

One of the biggest challenges with Halloween costumes is ensuring they fit properly.  Make sure you can see your child’s face, that they move their arms and legs easily, and that they can sit and stand (if they’re able to).  For babies who aren’t yet sitting or standing, make sure they can lay on their back or front comfortably.  Testing the fit of your child’s costume early gives you time to make any modifications before the big day!


Finding a Backdrop  

There are plenty of fun backdrops available for Halloween photos.  If you’d like a frame-worthy shot, take a photo of your child in their costume in the Fall leaves, surrounded by pumpkins, on your front porch with Halloween or Fall decorations, or even against a plain painted or brick wall at your home.  

children carving pumpkins for halloween

Don’t forget the action shots!

If you’d like photos of your kids trick or treating, head out before the sun sets to visit a neighbour or friend so you can have well lit photos of them trick or treating.  Once it’s dark out it will be harder to take photos of them that aren’t blurry or too grainy.  Don’t forget to capture all the different moments of their trick or treating experience: walking up the long driveway, climbing the steps, as well as their face when they turn away from the door and head back to you.  


And of course, the loot!

A fun photo to take the day after Halloween is a photo of your child surrounded by the treats they received or photos of them enjoying their favourite Halloween treats.  I always recommend waiting until the day after to photograph these moments so that you have enough light but also so that they aren’t tired and grumpy.

What are your children dressing up as this Halloween?