Week 41 – First lost tooth

young boy showing off his lost tooth

Ever since one of my son’s classmates lost a tooth in kindergarten, my youngest has been asking when he would lose his first tooth.  Like his brothers, his teeth were slowly to ‘wiggle’ and it wasn’t until grade 2 that he excitedly declared “I have a wiggly tooth!” one day when he came home from school.  His excitement quickly turned to dismay when he realized how difficult it was to eat and chew with his wiggly tooth and how sore it become when he forgot and accidentally bit into something.  There was much excitement when it fell out AND he didn’t swallow it.  

New (or lost) teeth can be tricky to photograph because of the shadows inside your child’s mouth.  Bringing them as close as possible to a bright source of light and trying their head at different angles will help.  If you have a fun toy, move it up and down beside your phone or camera until you can get the shot you want.

Week 42 – Halloween

brothers carving pumpkins

My boys love choosing the pumpkin they want to carve (the bigger the better!).  After they sat on our front porch for almost three weeks, they were thrilled to finally bring them in the house so we could start the carving process.  Every year it gets easier (and less terrifying), when they cluster around the table with sharp objects and start hacking away at their slippery pumpkins.  

I always love to photograph their facial expressions as they work.  My eldest is always serious about the task at hand, while my middle ranges from silliness to horrified because he hates the texture of the pumpkin ‘goop’.  My youngest’s favourite part is drawing his design on the pumpkin, so I always make sure to photograph him while he sketches out his chosen design. This year it was amazing to see how focused they were on the task at hand.  Although I still had to step in to help, this was definitely the first time it felt like they did more of the design and carving then we did.

Week 43 – Holiday gifts

brothers in front of a christmas set

Week 44 – Hundreds of lights

holiday lights with brothers

What started as a photo to celebrate our youngest son’s first Christmas, turned into eight magical years of photography sessions that hundreds of families have fallen in love with.