Week 37 – A Cozy Space

young boy in front of window

This Spring we switched up some of the rooms in our home and moved our office to the upstairs of the house.  We went from a small windowless space to a big bright room with a lot of sunshine. Now that my husband works from home full time, we needed more room, and after the long, dark winter we experienced, I needed more sunshine.

Our desks are on opposite sides of the room and between our desks is a white daybed that has been moved at least four times and is still miraculously intact.  IKEA furniture doesn’t usually move well! Its turned into one of my favourite spaces in the house. I love to read and meditate in the sunshine and it’s become a spot where the boys (and cats) also love to hang out.  I love that they have somewhere comfortable to sit and chat with us. Because both my husband and I work from home, it means we’re often both still at our desks when the boys get home, and so it gives them a space to sit while they tell us about their day.

Don’t forget to photograph your favourite spaces in your home, especially with your favourite people enjoying the activities they love.  My boys rarely notice me taking photos of them when they’re engrossed in hobbies or activities and it makes it easier to take photos of them as they get older and are out of the house more and more.  

Week 38 – Imagination

child playing outside

We’ve had a trampoline in our backyard for several years now and one of my favourite things about it (aside from helping them burn off energy!) is watching their imagination unfold as they bounce and play.  Sometimes I’ll look out and see the boys laying in the sun talking and joking with each other but more often than not I see one of the boys playing alone on the trampoline, lost in their own little world. My youngest loves to take stuffed toys and sometimes his costumes outside to play on the trampoline.  I’ll often stand or sit in the kitchen and watch him play, lost in his thoughts or whatever game he has invented.

As children grow and develop, their interests and how they spend their time changes.  Taking photos of the things they love to do is a wonderful way to document what is important to them but also as a reminder of what captured their attention at different ages and stages.  I often forget about passing interests my boys had but when I look back at photos I’m immediately reminded of the brief obsessions or passions they’ve had over the years and how funny some of them are!  For a while my youngest was obsessed with kitchen implements and anytime we couldn’t find a spatula, we knew to look under his pillow. 

Week 39 – Traditions

brothers in the forest

For the past three years we’ve spent Thanksgiving weekend at a campsite.  It has quickly become something we look forward to all Fall, especially after the return to our busy activity and school schedules.   Last year we didn’t see the sun a single time the entire four days we were away so we were incredibly happy that this Thanksgiving the temperatures hovered closer to 10 degrees (rather than near 0) and that we had sun nearly everyday of the long weekend.

There’s very little that is photogenic about Fall camping, aside from the beautiful leaves.  We are all wearing our warmest clothes and bulkiest layers to ensure that we are warm and cozy.  The boys are always excited to have a break from school and happy to be outside after a month long hiatus from camping, which is why I’m so glad I have these photos of their gleeful faces. Even if you or your kids aren’t wearing coordinating or nicely coloured clothes, make sure to take photos of your favourite memories.  While it may seem important in the moment that not everyone is clean or coordinated, in six months (or even six weeks) from now, you’ll be amazed how little that will matter.  

Week 40 – Christmas in October

outdoor christmas photos with three boys

This year I was excited to put together my first brand new outdoor holiday set in several years.  My husband built the majority of my 2019 sets during the hottest week this Summer and then we’ve had them stored in our garage since then.  After photographing the set for the first time in September I was excited to get it all set up for my first round of holiday sessions. Although it felt strange to be taking holiday photos in October it turned out to be the most beautiful weekend and all the kids and families were so happy to be outside in the holiday outfits without having to worry about freezing temperatures or snow.

I don’t take photos of my boys on all my sets every year but decided this year that I wanted photos of them at all of my different sessions.  When it comes to outfits for photography sessions, I generally buy their clothes a little bit bigger and then use clamps and pins to adjust the sizes so I can use them for more than one year.  I also tend to use similar colour themes for our photo session outfits so I can re-use different pieces of their wardrobe as well as hand them down to their brothers.