While we all get a little bit sad as the end of Summer starts to draw near I have to admit the end of Summer is something I look forward to all year long. Not because I don’t love warmth, beach days, and summertime ice cream treats but because it’s time for one of my favourite sessions: Sunsets and Silhouettes!

Sunsets and Silhouettes Sessions are something I began offering to clients who would like something a bit unique for their family photos or who would like to create really stunning wall art that stars their family to decorate their homes with. 

This Summer we had so much fun staying up past bedtime, running and dancing across the horizon, and creating magical memories that won’t be forgotten. For every family we were able to create their own unique look to their silhouettes. I love how even without seeing their faces their personalities shine through. 

These gorgeous sessions were so much fun for everyone who came out to play and pose in front of the receding sun that I am already longing for the gorgeous sunsets at the end of next Summer.

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