This youngest of four did not want to miss a thing during his newborn session! 

When you have three older siblings there is always plenty going on so it’s totally understandable that Mr. A cat napped through much of our session together and made sure to keep an eye on me every now and then as I posed and photographed him. 

parents with four children holding newborn baby

I had so much fun with this lovely family during their session, the kids were all really excited and their enthusiasm was wonderfully contagious. Big brother and oldest sister were proud to show off how well they were able to hold their newest family member and I’m sure they will be a huge help to mom and dad in the coming months. Baby sister is still quite wee herself but she did a great job during their session and I’m sure her and little Mr. A will have so much fun as they grow up together.

After a fun and lively time with big sisters and big brother it was time for Mr. A’s photos on the posing cushion. I have many fabrics available for families to choose from when they want their little one’s first photos on the posing cushion and each one can be combined with an even larger variety of fabric wraps and accessories creating countless looks. For Mr. A’s photos we selected a soft blue and a beautiful rich yellow to go over the posing cushion and I love how well they both look on him and set off his incredible swoopy hair!

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Newborn Photos