With my popular Holiday Sessions coming up soon we’re receiving more questions than ever about my Front of the Lens Packages. I know this is a busy time of year for everyone so I’m here to answer the most common questions I receive about Front of the Lens. I also have some exciting news to share about the updates to my 2020 packages. Don’t see an answer to a question you have? Send me an email, we’re happy to help!

What is Front of the Lens?

Front of the Lens Packages are a way for my clients to pre-purchase their sessions for the year and then decide as the year passes which sessions they’d like to use their package on.

What are the perks?

Priority Booking! Some of my most popular sessions book up within hours, so this is a great way to ensure you get the sessions you want on your preferred date and time.

Moment Sessions! My Front of the Lens clients have exclusive access to my shorter 10 minute Moment Sessions for all of my weekend and evening sessions throughout the year. This means you can have more sessions more often! 

Discounts! Front of the Lens packages include a 15% or 20% discount on extra digital files and prints. Packages also go on sale twice a year so you can save on the session fees too!

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What’s new for 2020?

Additional discounts: If one of your sessions takes place between January 1st and May 15th, you also receive an additional $25 discount on any of your sessions that take place during this period.

Extended Family Sessions: Front of the Lens clients can add on an extended family session to their package so that you can capture special memories with the other members of your family too. A new Front of the Lens exclusive! 

Early Anniversary Sale: For clients keen to give (or recieve!) the gift of memories this year my annual Anniversary Sale will start earlier than ever before. On November 1st you can buy your package and save!

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Who is it for?

Busy families with busy schedules: For those who need to ensure they get coveted weekend spaces or first choice of session times and dates Front of the Lens is ideal as you get first pick of all of my sessions. 

Families with a lot of things on the go: When you purchase a package we take all the work out of booking a session and contact you to see if you’d like to have a session so you don’t have to worry about another year passing you by without beautiful photos of your family. 

Sunset silhouette photos by Sara McConnell Photography

When can I get one?

Packages are available from January to August 15th every year and once during my anniversary sale in the late Fall (starting November 1st this year), perfect for those wanting to give (or receive!) the gift of memories.

What packages are there?

I offer packages starting at two sessions (one Moment Session and one Memories Session) all the way up to four sessions but custom packages based on your own particular needs are always an option, just let us know what sessions you have planned and we can create the right package for your family. You can see all the details for each package here.

What sessions can I include in my package?

You can choose from any of my popular family and child sessions that I offer throughout the year on evenings and weekends including:

  • January: Snuggle Sessions (Indoors)
  • January – April: Extraordinary You Sessions (Indoors)
  • February: Outdoor Family Sessions
  • April: Mother’s Day Sessions (Indoors)
  • May: Greenhouse Sessions (Indoors)
  • May: Blossoms Sessions (Outdoors)
  • June: Spring in the Forest Sessions (Outdoors)
  • July: Summer at the Farm Sessions (Outdoors)
  • July & August: Summer Blooms Sessions (Outdoors)  
  • August: Sunflower Sessions (Outdoors)
  • August: Sunsets & Silhouettes Sessions (Outdoors)  
  • September: Under the Apple Tree Sessions (Outdoors) 
  • September – October: Fall Sessions (Outdoors)  
  • October: Holiday Sessions (Outdoors)  
  • November: Holiday Sessions (Studio) 
  • November: Holiday Lights Sessions (Studio) 

Weekday baby milestone sessions, birthday sessions, and milk bath sessions can also be included as a package session.

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Ready to purchase a package? Packages will become available once again on November 1st as a part of my Anniversary Sale. Once purchased we’ll send you all of the details so you’re ready to choose and book your first session. 

Want more information about Front of the Lens? Just send us an email, we’re happy to help!