It seems like only weeks ago that I was meeting little Miss E at her newborn session but here she is back again in the studio for her 4th month milestone session. I can’t believe how big she’s already gotten and how much she has already changed! Those first few months of a baby’s life are incredible in how much development happens and I never stopped being amazed with how quickly they grow.

At a 4th month milestone session I love capturing all of the things baby has been working on such as holding their heads up, smiling, and reaching for things. Miss E did a wonderful job during her session showing off all of her new skills. 

A milestone session is also a great opportunity for updated family and sibling photos. It’s also a great chance to capture those precious moments with just mom or dad and baby. When you’re the third child photos with just mom and dad are much harder to come by! For their family and sibling photos mom chose a white backdrop which looked great with their all white clothing and was a beautiful continuation of the photos from their newborn session.

Miss E will be coming back to the studio again in just a few months and I can’t wait to see what she will have mastered by then!

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Baby Photos