Do you have a baby or toddler? Do you need ideas and tips for recording all your little ones memories and milestones? Then my Memory Making Magazine is for you!

Photographer AND Author
Before you panic, this is one of the easiest (and most fun!) books you may ever create.

It’s quite likely that you have thousands of photos of your child(ren) going about their daily life.  Playing with their favourite toys, reading their favourite books, spending time with their favourite people, enjoying their favourite snacks.  What exactly do you do with all these photos?  Photo books are an obvious answer but have you ever thought of making a photo book just for your child?

children reading a book

Using all the photos you’ve taken you can create smaller and shorter photo books for your babies and toddlers to enjoy.  Grouping together images for a specific theme or event, you can create 15-25 page books that include letters, numbers, and words, or if you’re feeling creative, a short story about what unfolded.  Writing short stories to accompany photos from daily routines is actually a great way to help little ones with transitions and acquiring new skills.

I recommend making small photo books (under 8 inches), to make them easy for your little one to hold.  You can also buy a small photo album and put photos in the traditional plastic sleeves, which is a more durable option if your child is still a bit rough with their books.  You can add the text in the book building program you use or with an app on your computer.

baby looking at a book

If you’re not sure where to start, I have a few ideas!

  • A book about their favourite foods
  • A book about their family members and friends
  • A book that has photos of all of the places they’ve been (e.g., parks, doctor’s office, classes)
  • A book about a recent trip
  • A book about rooms in your house
  • A book that has words in all the languages you speak at home
  • A book that has a photo for every letter of the alphabet
  • A book that has a photo for numbers 1 through 10 or 1 through 20

If your child hasn’t shown a lot of interest in books, you may be surprised to see how interested they are in the book you create.  Children of all ages love looking at photos of themselves!