Ottawa is a great place to live but when you start adding up on your fingers the months we spend with snow on the ground you quickly realize we must be a hardy city! The snow and cold is a fact of life in our beautiful city for almost half the year so it’s a lot easier to celebrate and embrace it rather than hide away for months on end.

For families that love the outdoors at all times of the year the snow covered landscape creates a gorgeous backdrop for their family photos.

For this adventurous family’s session we headed out early one Winter morning to the forest to play amongst the trees. The snow covered trails in the forest provided us with a beautiful (and sheltered!) place to capture some really playful and sweet candid moments that will be perfect for decorating this family’s walls with. I always have so much fun with this family and I am thrilled with the results of us braving the cold to find the perfect backdrop for their family photos.

father and his two children hugging in the snow

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Family Photos