Mother and father with young child all wearing black clothing against black backdrop

I am always excited when I have clients approach me about ideas they have for their session. Collaborating with my clients to create just the right look they want for their session is one of the best parts of my job. I love trying new things so I invite all of my clients to just ask me if there’s something in particular they’d like to try for their session. I’m more than happy to think about how I might be able to make their visions for their sessions come to life!

This lovely family had the wonderful idea of using a black backdrop for their family photos. Using a black backdrop in studio is something I often do but most often it’s behind my maternity clients to help create those really dramatic portraits of mom-to-be or for my Extraordinary You Sessions for teens and youth. I was really excited to see their session come together as the black backdrop allows for dramatic lighting opportunities that would be a really unique spin on a family studio session.

Mom found the perfect outfits for completing the look! The effect of black clothing on the black backdrop made for a beautiful session that really highlighted this gorgeous family’s features, expressions, and their connections with each other.

child smiling in black dress, holding her parents' hands during photo session

We had so much fun during their session! Miss M rocked the session and had one of the best dance spins I’ve seen yet. I can still hear her laughter when I look at her photos!

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Family Photos