In Ottawa when most people think about family photos, they think about Fall colours.  We are lucky to live in a region where every Fall we’re treated to a plethora of rich oranges, yellows, and reds.  I love Fall as much as the next person but I’m as equally in love with Spring. For purely personal reasons I’m happier outside in the Spring because there are fewer wasps.  After an eventful trip to resuscitation in the ER four years ago, I greet Fall and it’s angry wasps with some trepidation. After a long Winter of taking photos against the white backdrop of the snow Spring is also high on my list of preferred times to photograph my own kids because I love the beautiful and timeless greenery as a backdrop for my own photos.

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This year I’m offered three different Outdoor Spring Sessions: Blossom Sessions, Greenhouse Sessions and Spring in the Forest Sessions

Perfect for families who:
-want a floral backdrop for their session
-have flexible schedules and are able to move their session at the last minute (we won’t know -when the flowers will blossom until the week of your session)
-enjoy the excitement of not knowing your session location or exact time until just a few days before your session

Perfect for families who:
-love bright colours
-want a unique backdrop for their session
-are keen to avoid rain, wind, and bugs (temperature controlled!)
-don’t want to have to worry about their session being postponed because of rain
Perfect for families who want:
-a weekend session or a Friday evening session.  These are my last weekend sessions until Fall!
-to have space to move around during their session for different backdrops and to play and run
-a backdrop for their session that will look great no matter where they display the photos
-a longer session (unlike Fall, we have more time and daylight in the Spring for longer sessions!)
-to have a variety of different photos to choose from

After a long Winter indoors, Spring Sessions are always popular and today I’m sharing with you my top ten reasons why I think my brand new Spring in the Forest Session may be the best fit for you and your family!

1- With kids’ sports, music, and dance activities winding down for the season, Spring is the perfect time for family photos. I know that practices and competitions often make it difficult to schedule sessions in the Fall and Winter, which is why Spring is a great option if your older kids are busy with after school and weekend activities. Schedule your Spring session before the Summer fun begins and you’re away on weekends at the beach or cottage.   

2-In our family there are three May babies born over the course of eight days and I know for a lot of my clients Spring is the season of birthdays and anniversaries.  If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas a gift certificate for a Spring session would make a perfect birthday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day gift.

smiling girl in front of greenery

3-The most beautiful backdrop.  If you struggle with what to wear to photography sessions, Spring is the perfect backdrop for photos because the beautiful green trees and grass mean that whatever you choose to wear will work with the background.  The timeless backdrop also makes for beautiful black & white photos!

mother with children sitting in a field

4-Spring greenery and flowers are the perfect backdrop for maternity sessions for your Spring or Summer baby. The beauty of the outdoors makes for the most gorgeous and serene maternity photographs.  It’s also warm enough that changing outfits during your session won’t leave you chilled: I even have a portable change room for clients who want to wear one of my gowns during their outdoor session.

5-Older siblings are home from school!  When was the last time you had a family photo with your college or university kids?  Spring sessions are popular with my clients who have older kids because they’re home from school before starting work for the Summer.

6-If you have a new baby but missed out on newborn photos, the lush trees and grass make a beautiful backdrop for your first family photos with your little one.

7-For those of you who like a variety of different backdrops for your session, Spring offers beautiful rich colours, a variety of trees and grasses, and if we’re lucky, wildflowers.

8-If your kids are always on the move and the thought of wrangling them into a studio during the Winter months makes you break out in a cold sweat, Spring is your first chance after the chaos of back to school for outdoor family and sibling photos.  Traditional posed photos or playful candid (read: running, jumping, swinging) photos or both: the choice is yours!

father and son smiling outside for family photos

9-Natural props. During Spring sessions fun and beautiful props such as leaves, flowers, sticks and long grass are great for keeping children interested and make for great additions to both posed and candid photographs. Logs and rocks make perfect natural chairs for little ones.     

10-After a looonnngggg winter in snow suits, who else is excited to put on brightly coloured shorts, dresses, and short sleeve shirts?  

How are  “Spring in the Forest Sessions” different from outdoor sessions at other times of the year?

1-Spring in the Forest Sessions are longer. During the early Spring and in the Fall the more limited hours of daylight mean that sessions are shorter. Memories Sessions during my June Spring in the Forest Sessions are 20 minutes long, perfect for capturing a wide variety of poses, family member combinations, and capturing lots of posed and candid memories for your family. Longer sessions are especially great for if your children take longer to warm up in front of the camera

2-Spring in the Forest Sessions can be booked for either in the morning or in the evening. As the weather starts to warm up and the days grow longer I’m able to offer the most flexibility in times for your family so that we can have the best light available for your photos but at the best time of day for your children and family.

3-Spring in the Forest Sessions are perfect for families with little ones. For most of the year in Ottawa our temperatures aren’t ideal for keeping young children comfortable and happy but Spring in the Forest Sessions are held in June when temperatures are warmer. For anyone uncertain of when the best time to schedule an outdoor session with their baby or toddler is, June is definitely at the top of my list of suggestions! The forest is also an ideal session setting for young children as it’s free from all of those distractions that have little heads turning.

brother and sister for outdoor spring photos

What can you expect from me and my team?  

I understand how important your memories are as much as I understand how sometimes booking a photography session becomes “one more thing” to do rather than something to look forward to and enjoy. I am as passionate about the photographs I create as I am about making my photography sessions fun, stress-free, and an experience you look forward to.

This year for your Spring photography session let me worry about all of the details and planning so that you don’t have to!

No surprises:  My outdoor sessions all have corresponding back up dates and times so that when you book your session, you already know when your backup session is scheduled for in case there is inclement weather.  If rain is expected the day of our session, I start sending updates the day before we are scheduled to meet. My goal is to minimize disruption to your schedule so your family’s weekend fun can go ahead as planned even when it rains!    

Online booking:  I know you’re busy, which is why my sessions are booked through my online boutique.  You don’t have to wait to see if you got the date and time you wanted and there is no back and forth emails and delays.

Prompt and on time: My sessions run on time and without delays or last minute changes.  I understand that busy families have a lot of commitments and my priority is to ensure that your time is respected.

No uncertainty: We will let you know every step of the way what to expect and how to prepare for your session: when to arrive, how to prepare your children, what to bring, and what to wear.  My session coordinator is always available to answer questions about your session and to help you choose outfits for your session.

First name basis: Because of my detailed client preparation process when you arrive at the session I know all of your family’s names, your kids’ ages, what they like and don’t like (yes, I know the Paw Patrol theme song off by heart), as well as what your photo and posing priorities are.  Every minute of your session is spent taking photos because I have all the important details before we even meet!

An extra set of hands: During outdoor Spring Sessions one of my fantastic assistants is by my side to ensure you and your family are happy, smiling, and having fun.  We have an extensive repertoire of songs, games, and a big bag of toys.

Choice: You know when your family looks their best, which is why I have you select the final images you would like to have edited and retouched.  Not only do I photograph all of my sessions I am also responsible for editing your beautiful memories. My attention to detail doesn’t end when you leave the studio, it continues until your final gallery is delivered to you.

Customer service: I book a limited number of sessions to ensure that my first client of the day receives the same wonderful service as my last client of the day.

No delays: Another reason I book a limited number of sessions is to ensure your final images are edited, to your specifications, in a timely manner.  Your gallery is prepared immediately following the session (2-3 business days) and your final images are ready within 3-5 business days. I know how important it is to have your photos ready to send out to family and friends.

Curious about my Spring in the Forest Sessions? Add your email address here and we’ll send the details straight to your inbox as soon as they’re ready!

girl in white shirt smiling for family photos