This was my first year entering the International Shoot & Share competition, which is a free photography competition where winners are chosen by voters around the world. One thing that sets the contest apart is that you don’t know which photographer you’re voting for because there is no identifying information on the photos (e.g., photographer name, location).

In total there were 583,150 photos entered and over 90 million votes cast! I had so much fun voting for photos across the 25 different categories and was thrilled to have one of my images make the finals in the Kids category (top 500). In total I entered 50 photos and 23 made it on to the later stages of the contest. The photos that ended up placing well were a fun mixture of client sessions as well as creative sessions (and a few of my boys!).

Below I’ve included the images that were voted into the Top 30%, Top 20%, Top 10% and the finalist. I’ve also included how each image placed. I’m a big fan of background information and numbers to the statistics of the whole process was fascinating to me!

You definitely want to visit the Shoot & Share website to see the top 20 photos in each category. The talent and creativity are awe-inspiring!

shoot and share awards


children looking at whale shark

TOP 10%

silhouette photos at sunset by sara mcconnell photography
twin newborn photos by sara mcconnell photography
young boy looking at the camera by sara mcconnell photography

TOP 20%

maternity photo by sara mcconnell photography
baby wrapped in yellow with a cloud and colourful hearts raining down
dancer in a blue dress by sara mcconnell photography
twin babies with rainbow cloths behind them
twin babies in a wooden bed by sara mcconnell photography
twin babies sleeping
baby wrapped in yellow against a yellow backdrop beside a yellow pineapple
twin babies wrapped in white
silhouette at sunset

TOP 30%

newborn baby with eyes wide open
newborn baby on a teal backdrop with teal knitted blanket
baby in a wooden box
baby wrapped in yellow in a wooden box sitting in a field of yellow flowers
man kissing woman at sunset
twins sleeping on a purple backdrop
baby sleeping with colourful rainbow hearts
silhouette of a pregnant women's belly
pregnant women in a white gown in the forest
pregnant woman in a grey gown

Sara McConnell Photography