It has been 25 years since I picked up my first camera and nothing brings me more joy than sharing my passion for photography with others. One of the reasons I have been teaching Photography courses for the past 5 years is because I love knowing that other people are able to capture their most important memories in beautiful photographs that they can share with their family and friend.

Before photography became my business it was a lifelong hobby.  One of the things I enjoy most about teaching my course is the Graduate group that is available to students once they finish the classes.  I am always amazed and impressed by the progress people make over the course of the five week course but what is even more incredible is seeing the photos that former students take months and years after they have taken the class.

Unlike a lot of hobbies and activities, photography is a relatively solitary pursuit.  One of the best parts of learning in a group setting is getting to know other people who share your passion.  You also get to explore different genres of photography that you may not have previously considered.  Thanks to the course and graduate group, several people have made friends and are able to support one another as they continue to improve their skills.  It also gives people the chance to learn about different skills, lighting, or composition techniques when they see photos that other people in the group share.  

Every student comes to the group with different levels of experience and different goals.  Some participants are avid travellers who are taking the class to improve their travel photography skills.  Others are small business owners or bloggers who want to learn to take photos that they can share on their website, blog, or social media.  Some have been dabbling in photography for a few years but have struggled to master certain aspects of their camera, lighting, or composition techniques, and are looking to strengthen their skills so that they can take their art to the next level.  Seeing the photos of other group members really helps to expand the perspective of each of the participants as well as develop their artistic eye and appreciation for different styles of photography.  

The course isn’t meant to be a stand alone 5 week program but rather the entry point to a community of photographers who have one thing in common: they all want to take beautiful and meaningful photographs.  I know how hard it is when you learn something new to find the motivation to continue practicing, which is why the Graduate group is as important as the five week course.  Being surrounded by people who love photography but who are also motivated to continue learning, is a fantastic way to expand your skills and spend even more time enjoying your newfound hobby. 

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Here’s what students are saying about the course:

“If you’re looking to get better use of your DSLR I would highly suggest Sara’s class! I was finally able to get better pictures of my children and capture such wonderful memories. She taught me not only how to take technically better photos but also how to see things differently. I get such wonderful comments on my photography now. My skills have grown so much and I have Sara to thank for that!”

“I took Sara McConnell Photography‘s Learn to Use your DSLR a few years ago and have been putting the concepts she taught us into practice since then. My goal, when I took the course, was to finally learn how to use my DSLR in manual mode (except auto focus). The concepts she taught us helped me to make this switch and I generally only move to an auto mode if I’m handing my camera to someone else to take a photo!” 

“Sara’s method of teaching is logical and easy to understand. Each week, there is practical work to allow you to apply the concepts you’ve learned. She begins by isolating each of the various concepts and then puts them all together at the end. She’s created a great private FB group, where she supports her students in the class and provides feedback on our photos each week.” 

“I took Sara’s course because I wanted more control and flexibility over my photos (something as simple as deciding when to turn the flash on vs no flash or choosing the focal point myself). I finished the course feeling far more comfortable with each of the manual settings. Sara also runs an ongoing FB group that graduates become members of. It has been a continual source of support and help since the course ended.
If you’re considering taking this course, don’t delay. It’s worth every penny!”

“For years, I had used my digital camera only in Automatic mode, becoming increasingly apprehensive about moving to Manual. Sara’s well-thought-out, step-by-step approach, with appropriate exercises at each stage and constructive feedback, built up both my skills and confidence. When I look at my “before” and “after” photo libraries, I am amazed and delighted by the difference!”