1- Little ones grow so quickly!

Before your first baby is born it is so hard to understand just how quickly children grow. Babies and toddlers are growing and changing at such a quick pace that it feels like every time you blink they are different. My sessions for babies and toddlers are a beautiful way to capture just what your little one is like at this moment in time before they have changed yet again. Let me help you make beautiful memories of this time in your child’s life. All of those little fleeting details from their chubby fingers to their baby curls are something you will always want to remember.

Ottawa baby and toddler photos

2-Sessions are timeless and classic

My sessions for babies and toddlers are styled in a way that will ensure your photographs are not dated in years to come. Photography is an art and will always be influenced by trends but it is important to me that my clients will have photographs of their child that they will always think of as beautiful. The studio has a collection of backdrops, flooring, and classic accessories and props that I selected not only because they photograph well but also because they will stand the test of time. Your photographs of your child will be a treasure not only to yourself and your child but to later generations as well.

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3-Sessions are child centric

When planning your child’s session I will consider your child’s own unique personality and what they are interested in. From the poses that we choose to the special activity (e.g. reading, bubble bath, painting) that we incorporate into their session everything will be styled with your own particular little one in mind. Children come along with their own personalities, likes, and dislikes right from the start and it’s important to me that we highlight who your child is and create an experience at their session that they will enjoy. Your child’s expressions in their photos will reflect the fun times that they had at their session and the memories that you made.

4-Sessions are easy and stress-free

As a mother I know time and energy is in short supply as much as I know how important it is to you that you have beautiful memories from the time your child was small and changing so quickly. My sessions for babies and toddlers are organized in a way that allows for beautiful and classic photos of your child without all of the work for mom or dad that can be a part of many sessions. Sessions focus on simplicity; not only to make things easy on parents and less overwhelming for the children, but also because the classic and timeless puts all of the focus on your child and their developing personality. Let me take the work out of your next photo session and capture all of those important details of your child at this stage in their life.

Ottawa baby and toddler photos


Everyone has a different look in mind for their child’s photos and I am happy to collaborate with you to choose the poses, style, backdrops, and props that will help create the look and feel that you envision for your little one’s photos. Once booked we will send you a detailed welcome package with all of the information you need to prepare for your child’s session as well as a questionnaire where you can select from all of the different backdrops and classic props I have available. We are also happy to help you select just the right wardrobe pieces to fit with the look that you’d like for your session. I love helping my clients bring their vision to life with beautiful photographs of their little ones.      

Ottawa baby and toddler photos Ottawa baby and toddler photos

6-Babies and toddlers are fast!

Your child is adorable but as they start to get on the move it can be such a challenge to capture just how cute they really are. From blurred photos to many shots of the back of your toddler’s head you quickly find out as a parent just how hard it is to photograph this age group. I have photographed 1000s of babies and children and have all of the tricks and strategies needed to best capture your little one and ensure they look their best.

7-Every milestone is a reason to celebrate!

Often as parents we get excited about certain milestones and think elaborately. We love our children and want the best and more for them so it is certainly understandable. When it comes to photography sessions however in my experience children are happiest and have the most genuine smiles when we reign in a bit of our excitement as parents 🙂 Sessions for babies and toddlers that celebrate their milestones are styled around your little one’s interests and personalities rather than trends in photography to ensure your child has fun at their session. The poses that we choose and the activities that we incorporate into their session are all selected to best capture who your child is and their budding personality.

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8-For sharing!

When your children are little it is so hard to make sure the laundry is done much less ensure you have a regular occurrence of beautiful photographs of your child to share with your family and friends. All of my sessions include edited and retouched digital files in both high resolution as well as low resolution for online sharing. My quick turnaround for your final images means that you will be able to easily and quickly share your beautiful new photos of your child. Sessions also include heirloom quality prints that will be sent to your home for your convenience so that you don’t have to worry about finding the time to print and send grandma a frame worthy photo of their newest grandchild.

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9-Sessions are age appropriate

During those first few years your child is making incredible developments at an impressive rate. My years of experience in working with children of all ages has taught me to appreciate and work best within the developmental stage of each child who comes to see me. Not only do I want to ensure you have amazing photographs that best celebrates this particular stage in your child’s life but it’s important to me that we make the session a positive experience for everyone, especially for your little one. From the sets, to the session flow, to the types of props we will include in your child’s session everything is planned for your child’s best interest in mind.

Ottawa baby and toddler photos

10-There are never too many baby photos!

As a parent, watching your child grow up is definitely the most incredible thing you will ever experience. With every changing expression, new milestone, or emerging freckle you will be in awe of just how quickly childhood is passing by. Just as you will never regret taking a pause on a busy day to read your little one a story you will also never regret having more photos of your child. While the days as a parent often feel long before you know it your child will be grown. The joy you will have when you’re able to look back at your baby’s beautiful photos in the years to come will truly be a treasure that you’ll be so thankful to have.

Ottawa baby and toddler photos


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