“I LOVED the examples I saw on last years blog and told myself once my little guy was born I was going to get them done. Also, being in
the pics with my family instead of being behind the camera is rare and precious to me!

What I loved the most was the quick session so that my antsy kids didn’t get impatient!

I LOVE the picture that looks like my daughter is sprinkling “sleepy dust” on my son just like in her favourite story that we read to her at bedtime. Whenever I read it she insists that I sprinkle it on her head, just like it looks in the picture. (We’ll just ignore the fact that in reality shes pouring sand on her poor brother’s head!) I also will cherish these photos as they grow and inevitably start to bicker as siblings often do, so I can look back and remember how much she ADORED her baby brother. She calls him “her baby”, and refuses to share him with anyone else ?”

Ottawa Family Photos at Sunset by Sara McConnell Photography

Sara McConnell Photography | Ottawa Family Photos