Ready to take better photos? Here’s how:

As a photographer one of my greatest joys is creating beautiful memories for my clients but I also love to share my passion for photography with others. I have been teaching hobbyist photographers how to capture their own special memories for nearly 5 years now and it is still a thrill to watch my students find their love for the art form and see their skills grow.

My students have always had a variety of reasons for wanting to learn how to use a camera: from the parents with a young baby keen to catch every moment, to the travellers, to those that love exploring nature and photographing Mother Nature in hall her glory. A number of my students have also taken my course more for professional reasons than for artistic satisfaction, although they certainly find that too! I am always impressed when I see their photos on social media or on their blogs at how they’ve been able to incorporate their new skills into their business pursuits.

Why more business owners, bloggers and influencers are taking their own photos

Smart phones have put cameras into the hands of pretty much everyone and there certainly is a place for taking phone pictures but they are no match for the quality of a photo that a modern mirrorless or DSLR camera can take. When you learn to use a camera you quickly come to understand that you’re not just taking a record of something but that you’re actually able to manipulate what the subject of your photo looks like and present it in a way that captures how you see the world. Imagine being able to turn a simple photo of a place you’ve visited, a product you’ve created, or even a meal from a restaurant that you can’t wait to share into an image that will grab the attention of those you share it with.

If you own a small business, or are a blogger and influencer, you already know the importance of taking photos as part of your content planning strategy. On Instagram especially, showing off your products, services and your lifestyle has become essential in growing your business and your influence. Instead of using stock photos or hiring others to take the photos for you, the DSLR class will empower you to create your own content by taking the photos you want and need, without the wait. This is an investment in your business that will pay off time and time again.

Take photos you will love, in an encouraging learning environment

When I decided years ago that I wanted to share my passion for photography with others I knew that any course I would create had to be accessible to everyone and enjoyable so that my students would be inspired rather than frustrated. During my five week course I have broken down the (somewhat overwhelming!) features of your camera into easy to understand lessons with hands on activities that will help you to understand how you can best use your camera’s settings to create the photographs you want. In addition to learning how to fully use the settings on your camera I also teach my students composition techniques to bring the art of photography and the technical side of it together. When you understand how to use your camera and you learn how to better compose your shots you will be able to create the photos you imagined before but just couldn’t create with your smartphone or your camera on auto mode.

With our increasingly busy schedules it is important to carve out time for personal activities and for things that are enjoyable to us as our own hobbies are typically pushed to the bottom of our to do lists. While many of my students have found ways to use their new skills for business related reasons it is the joy and creative satisfaction that they have found in photography that they all share. Long after the course ends my students continue to create beautiful photographs with their cameras as its a lifelong hobby that is hard to resist once you start. To help those students who really struggle to find the time to take my course I now offer attendance by live video conferencing and also via online video, just in case someone can’t make it out one evening.

Register for the course

When you sign up to my introductory course I will provide you with a manual that will help you get to the nitty gritty of using your camera and reinforce all of the lessons and activities of your course. Because I want you to have an enjoyable time and learn without any stress I have a Facebook group for all of my courses that we can chat in and share photos. I am always available for questions!

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