Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Summer Sessions

Summer is the season I look forward to all year long. Not just because I’m tired of being cold for at least 6 months of the year but also because it is the season that sparks so many happy childhood memories. When I think back to childhood it is the Summer time trips to the park, ice cream treats, and beach visits that I remember most. Summer feels like the season of childhood and it’s amazing to relive the fun with my own children and make new memories with them. One of the reasons I love Summer Sessions so much is because I love being able to help capture those fun memories for my clients and all of the joy that surrounds us this time of year.

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Read on to see what I love the most about Summer Sessions: 

1. Happy families:  At this time of year everyone is feeling relaxed and the children are playful and in great moods from all the sunny fresh air. Photography sessions at this time of year feel laid-back as everyone is just happy to be outside together enjoying the warmth of the sun. There is never a shortage of laughs and smiles when you are having fun with your family making memories at the beach.

2.  Warmth: While I love the colours of Fall and the freshness of Spring the warmth of the Summer is a refreshing change after months of low temperatures. The Summer is the only time you do not need to worry about bringing layers of clothing with you to your session!

3.  Clothing: One of the wonderful things about having a session in the Summer is definitely the clothing. Comfortable, light, and airy clothing makes not only for happy children but also pretty photographs. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to choose outfits for photo sessions but in the Summer a pretty sundress or simple shorts can be a refreshingly easy pick. And if you choose to go barefoot, you don’t even need to coordinate shoes!

4.  Evening Sessions: Much of the year I am limited by the amount of daylight with very few hours in the week for outdoor sessions. The late sunsets of the Summer are so freeing and mean outdoor sessions in the evening are not only possible but gorgeous in the warm glow of the Summer sun! With my evening weekday sessions you can save those valuable Summer weekends for trips to the cottage or out on the road.

5. Beautiful Locations: In Summer, session locations are bountiful and the backdrops available are diverse. Water, greenery, sand, and flowers are all around us and make beautiful backdrops for both posed and candid photographs. Whether your family likes playing in the sand at the beach, posing amongst the flowers, or taking in a gorgeous sunset I love to find the best settings Summer has to offer.

6.  Summer Maternity Sessions:  I love photographing beautiful mamas-to-be outdoors in the Summer. Whether it’s in the gardens, on the beach, or in silhouette in front of the receding sun the Summer offers so many options for stunning maternity photographs. With the Fall baby boom coming I cannot wait to see all of the baby bumps in front of my camera this August!   

7.  Casual and candid photographs:  If you have a casual or active family Summer Sessions are a great opportunity for beautiful photographs in a style that fits you best. I love that sessions at the beach are casual and they offer lots of chances to capture the candid moments your family loves to share in making sand castles, walking in the water, or snuggling on the beach.

8.  Beautiful sunsets: The sunsets in August are gorgeous and I love photographing families and mamas-to-be in front in front of one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful natural backdrops. The light as the sun starts to drop casts a dazzling glow that helps me create beautiful and artistic photographs for my clients that they will love to display in their homes and share with their family and friends.

9.  Free time!  With school out and many sports on break Summer is the perfect time to book a photography session for your family. In the Summer I love photographing some of my busiest families that are much more easily able to make the time for a family session in the Summer.

10.  Short but Sweet: While I wish Summer was longer, we Ottawans always make the most out of Summer by filling it with the fun times that are only possible this time of year. Because I know how special your Summertime memories are I love helping you make the most out of your Summer with beautiful photographs to help you always remember your Summer fun.