Spring Photography in Ottawa

In Ottawa when most people think about family photos, they think about Fall colours.  We are lucky to live in a region where every Fall we’re treated to a plethora of rich oranges, yellows, and reds.  I love Fall as much as the next person but I’m as equally in love with Spring.  For purely personal reasons I’m happier outside in the Spring because there are fewer wasps.  After an eventful trip to resuscitation in the ER three years ago, I greet Fall and it’s angry wasps with some trepidation.  I also love the colour pink, which is why Spring is high on my list of preferred times to photograph my own kids because I love the beautiful flowers as a backdrop to my own photos.

I am now booking Outdoor Spring Sessions for May and June


If a Spring session wasn’t on your radar, read on to see if it might actually be the best option for your family.

  1. With kids’ sports, music, and dance activities winding down for the season, Spring is the perfect time for family photos. I know that practices and competitions often make it difficult to schedule sessions in the Fall and Winter, which is why Spring is a great option if your older kids are busy with after school and weekend activities. Schedule your Spring session in June before the summer fun begins and you’re away on weekends at the beach or cottage.   



  1.  In our family there are three May babies born over the course of eight days and I know for a lot of my clients Spring is the season of birthdays and anniversaries.  If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas a gift certificate for a Spring session would make a perfect birthday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day gift.




  1.  The most beautiful backdrop.  If you struggle with what to wear to photography sessions, Spring is the perfect backdrop for photos because the beautiful green trees, grass, and flowers in every possible colour means that whatever you choose to wear will work with the background.


  1. Spring flowers are the perfect backdrop for maternity sessions for your Spring or Summer baby. The beauty of the gardens makes for the most gorgeous and serene maternity photographs.



  1.  Older siblings are home from school!  When was the last time you had a family photo with your college or university kids?  Spring sessions are popular with my clients who have older kids because they’re home from school before starting work for the summer.



  1.  If you have a new baby but missed out on newborn photos, Spring flowers make a beautiful backdrop for your first family photos with your little one.



  1.  For those of you who like a variety of different backdrops for your session, Spring offers beautiful flowers, rich greens, and hidden garden pathways.  


  1.  If your kids are always on the move and the thought of wrangling them into a studio during the winter months makes you break out in a cold sweat, Spring is your first chance after the chaos of back to school for outdoor family and sibling photos.  Traditional posed photos or playful candid (read: running, jumping, swinging) photos or both: the choice is yours!



  1.  For 10 days, once a year, the apple, cherry, and magnolia trees are a beautiful riot of colour.  Spring is the only time for family photos with the beautiful white and pink blossoms.


  1. Natural props. During Spring sessions fun and beautiful props such as leaves, flowers, sticks and long grass are great for keeping children interested and make for great additions to both posed and candid photographs. Logs and rocks make make perfect natural chairs for little ones.     



  1.  After a looonnngggg winter in snow suits, who else is excited to put on brightly coloured shorts, dresses, and short sleeve shirts?  ottawa-family-photos-in-the-spring

I am now booking Outdoor Spring Sessions for May and June