I’m always excited to meet families during the third trimester of their pregnancy and again during their little ones first few weeks of life. I remember how quickly those seemingly endless stages pass (will you ever sleep again?!) and how you often feel overwhelmed with exhaustion, elation, joy, tears, and wonderment. Your family is forever changed when you welcome a new baby into the world and I am as passionate about the artistic photographs I create as I am about making your photography session a stress-free, relaxed, and memorable experience.

Part of this photography experience includes flexible payment plans for my maternity, family, baby, and newborn clients.  I know that many first time parents are surprised by the costs of preparing for life with a baby while families who already have kids at home are faced with challenges related to an additional maternity leave, daycare costs, and a bigger family.   Many of my clients are also experiencing unpredictable complications related to the Phoenix pay system, without a resolution in sight.

In spite of these challenges, I understand that my clients want to preserve those first moments of their expanded family, knowing that it’s not something they can “do-over” at a later time.  It’s a priority for families to hire a professional who is experienced and knowledgeable about how to safely and comfortably pose delicate new babies while at the same time working within their families budget.

My payment plans are flexible, have no fee, and are interest free.  Because each families situation is different, I structure each payment plan around their needs.  For example, some families choose to spread their maternity and newborn package payments across several months leading up to their due dates, while others choose a payment plan with 2-3 payments.  For families who want to invest in photos over the course of their little ones first year of life, payments are spread over the course of the year according to their schedule of sessions.  For families who want a photography session package but don’t see one on my website that meets their needs, I’m also happy to create a custom package to ensure they get all the sessions that are most important to them.

For families who aren’t aware of how quickly newborn sessions take place after their little one is born and who contact me after their babies birth for a newborn session, I offer a payment plan option allowing them to spread the session cost out over the course of a month.  This also gives them the opportunity to share their photography plans with family and friends, who may choose to purchase gift certificates towards the session cost as their “welcome baby!” gift.

Curious about my maternity or newborn sessions and what a payment plan for your family would look like?  I would love to connect with you to start planning your photography sessions with your growing family!