When my biggest boys were little we spent a lot of time at Gymboree Play & Music.  Like “our home away from home” kind of time.  When we weren’t on playdates with friends or at the park, Gymboree was where I went with them to pass the time.  I loved that it was never crowded and that the kids there were all 5 and under.  Having a safe place that was clean where I could relax and not worry about them getting hurt (or escaping) made the long days a lot easier to bear.  We did a lot of crafts and activities at home but I loved knowing that if I was stuck for ideas on  how to keep them busy, a Gymboree class would buy me an hour of quality time with them that we could all enjoy (and that my house wouldn’t be destroyed in the process).

When I was pregnant with my third son the Gymboree location  on Innes road closed.  I’ll admit I was pretty heartbroken that I wouldn’t get to spend several more years at Gymboree with my littlest guy.  Nearly two years ago a brand new location of Gymboree opened on St. Joseph Boulevard in Orleans.  The owner is actually one of the teachers from the original Orleans location and she is amazing!  I am so excited for Jen and even more excited that I’m back at Gymboree: this time it’s without my own little ones but I get to spend time their with my camera and so many adorable babies!

Last week I had the chance to spend the morning with 24 adorable babies and toddlers: we had a special Valentine’s Day play class and mini photography session to celebrate the day of love.  There will be several more events coming up this year: if you don’t want to miss out on the details (registration is limited and our Valentine’s Day event filled up quickly), make sure you’ve subscribed to my VIP list.