Every month in 2018 I will be looking for babies and expectant moms for special themed sessions.   Occasionally I will use these sessions to photograph new props and backdrops but the purpose of these sessions is ultimately for professional development (experimenting with different light set-ups and poses) and creative fulfillment.  I could easily photograph 10 creative sessions a month with the backlog of ideas percolating in my brain but I feel like 2 is a reasonable number if I want to get any sleep in the coming year.

If you are expecting a baby in 2018 or have a little one at home (under 8 months old), please sign up to my special model call list so you don’t miss out on all the details: http://bit.ly/SMP2018ModelCalls

The theme for my sessions in February is red.  You can see the photos from my January sessions here.

For this month’s maternity model call I wanted to experiment with low key photograph and a “pop” of red in each of the images.  My goal was to create images that were as equally beautiful in colour as they are in black and white.  While many of my clients love high key images (bright, white backdrop) an equal number are drawn to the moodier, darker images, like those I have shared below.  The photos from the session are a wonderful example of how much variety you can achieve with just a few changes to a pose and the light set-up.  I love to collaborate with clients to create unique images: if you have something in mind for your own maternity session I would love to connect!

“There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence” {Ralph Waldo Emerson}