Every year around this time in the Winter I start longing and dreaming of warmer days, the grass beneath my feet, and putting away all of our snowsuits. It really doesn’t look like we are close to the end of Winter but I keep reminding myself Spring will be well worth the wait when it finally arrives in Ottawa.

This years Spring Studio set was a labour of love and I can’t wait to see everyone for their photos in March and April.  If you’re on the fence about booking a session, read on for top 10 reasons why Spring Sessions are a fantastic option for babies, children, and families.

1- All that Excites us about Spring… Indoors!

Designing my Spring set every year is an exciting time for me as it allows me to not only unleash my creative spirit but also because I really enjoy bringing Spring to my clients long before Ottawa has seen it’s snow and ice melt. Ottawa is a wonderful place to live but the late Spring can definitely be wearing on a person! This year I am overjoyed with my Spring Studio set and it’s rustic greenhouse feel. The natural wood antiques with the hints of blossoms and fresh greens beautifully represent that early part of Spring that excites us so much every year.

2- Beautiful Photographs, at a Less than Beautiful Time of Year

Because our winter is long here in Ottawa it can be very challenging to have beautiful photos of our children and family during these colder times and with less than ideal outdoor backdrops. The brown and grey landscape will stay with us until May and by bringing the Spring indoors for my Spring Studio Sessions you are able to comfortably have a session for your family with a pretty backdrop much earlier than that. If you don’t like to be limited to photos only during those few warmer months of the year my Spring Studio Sessions will help ensure you have beautiful photographs of your children and family throughout the year!

3- Adorable Spring Outfits

Even though we are still pulling snow pants onto our reluctant children every morning the clothing stores have already started bringing out their Spring collections. This is the time of year the clothing stores tempt us with their adorable Easter and Spring dresses, cute button up shirts for little boys and even little suspenders that I can never seem to resist for my little one. If you are like me and always end up with at least one adorable Spring outfit for your children my Spring Studio Sessions will be the perfect opportunity to have your children photographed in their adorable outfits.

4- Perfect for Easter Photographs

My Spring Studio Set is the perfect backdrop for your annual Easter photographs of your children. The neutrals and pastels of the set are ideal for capturing just how adorable your children are in their Easter outfits or bunny ears. I have lots of Easter props such as pretty eggs and chicks that all children love to include in their session.

5- Sessions for both Children and Families

One of my favourite things about this year’s Spring Studio set is that it will work well for both photographs of children and siblings as well as for families. Many families like to come into my studio for Spring or Easter photos of their little ones and I have created sessions just for them this year. However if you struggle to also get in front of the camera for family photographs with your children I am thrilled to be able to offer you an option for family photographs as well. While the children are dressed in their best it is a great chance to jump in and get that updated family photograph that you have been meaning to get.

6-Ideal Session for Mother’s Day Portraits

Mothers are often the least likely to be in front of the camera and that is why I am offering these special sessions just in time for Mother’s Day this year. I feel strongly that moms should exist in photos with their children so that you all have beautiful memories to look back on in the future. The soft and natural colours of my Spring Studio Set will be perfect for photos of you with your children or for photos with your own mother. The session makes a wonderful gift for both mothers and grandmothers for Mother’s Day.

7-Sessions are Fun!

Many parents worry about how their children will react when they come into the studio and fear that they will not cooperate during their session. I understand that concern and pride myself on quickly connecting with my smallest clients and making the experience fun for all family members. Spring Sessions are always full of fun and games certain to create those happy memories and genuine smiles that you want captured forever.

8-You Will Look Your Best

My Spring Studio Sessions are a wonderful opportunity for mom and dad to step into the picture with their children. I understand for a lot of parents that can make them nervous or self conscious and so I always make sure that mom and dad look their best so that they have photographs they are proud to share with family and friends. We provide all of my clients with a detailed clothing guide and are happy to consult with you about your wardrobe ahead of your session. My experience in posing adults means that I will photograph you in a way that flatters you and after your session I will hand edit and retouch your favourite images so that you can be confident you will look your very best.  

9- We Take Care of all of the Details

Once you have booked your Spring Studio Session date and time all of the details for your session will be taken care of for you. We provide all of my clients with a detailed Welcome Package with all of the information you need to prepare yourself and your children for your session. From my session questionnaires, to my wardrobe selection tips, to the online selection and delivery of your favourite images, and finally to your home delivered prints everything is taken care of for you in the easiest and most convenient way possible. I love making the entire session experience fun and easy for you so that you can have beautiful photographs of your family and children without any hassle.

10-Sessions are easy to Book!

Finding the time for a photo session can often feel like just another task you don’t have time to get to and that you keep wishing you would do more often. I am offering my Spring Studio Sessions to families on several dates this year so that you do not need to worry about missing out this year on beautiful photographs of your children and family. Booking a session is easy and can be done online in minutes by selecting your preferred session date and time.

Bonus! 11- Grandparents Will Absolutely Love the Photos  

There is nothing that makes grandparents, aunts, and uncles more happy than sweet photographs of your children. Your family members will love to recieve photos of your children on my timeless Spring Studio set. If you want to treat grandma or grandpa this year and surprise them with a beautiful gift booking a Spring Studio Session is the perfect way to bring a smile to their face.

For all of the session details and online booking please head to my boutique here