Let 2019 be the year you give your smart phone a rest and dust off your expensive camera.  Learn to create beautiful memories of your family and friends and your upcoming adventures.

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(1) You’ll finally be able to justify that expensive DSLR or Mirrorless camera you bought. There is not much use to owning an expensive camera if you can’t move beyond the automatic mode! My course will teach you how and when to use all of those mysterious settings on your camera

(2) I will get to the nitty gritty right away. DSLR manuals can be hundreds of pages long and include way more information than you’ll ever get around to reading. Let me help you learn what is most important and move you past instruction manual overload.

(3) Students receive a 50 page course manual that is easily understandable. The manual will help solidify all of the information you learn from the course and then you can use it as a reference once the course is over.  With a background in education and group facilitation, I’m experienced in teaching.

(4) In only 5 weeks time you will be taking noticeably better pictures. My course is taught in a hands on way that will see your skills grow with each week of the course. 

(5) Beautiful memories are just around the corner! If you sign up for my course you will be ready to take photos of all your upcoming trips and adventures.

(6) The learning is ongoing. Graduates from my classes are invited to join in to a private Facebook group where they can continue to develop their skills in daily or monthly challenges or ask me photography related questions when they come up.

(7) This foundational course is a stepping stone to more specific skills. Graduates of my DSLR course can further their learning in my Intermediate workshops. Workshop topics include: Baby and Child Photography, Sunsets and Silhouettes, Lifestyle & Documentary Photography, Urban Photo Walks, Four-legged friends, and Introduction to Editing in Lightroom.

(8) Preserve your family’s history for generations to come.  While smart phones put cameras into the hands of nearly everyone, we now risk having a generation without any tangible memories or printed photographs.  Documenting your family, friends, travels, and daily lives is not only a wonderful hobby but also an incredible gift to those you love.

(9) Taking time for yourself and developing a skill is good for the soul. My course is a great opportunity to carve out “me time” and enjoy a hobby that will give you much creative satisfaction.

(10) Learn from an experienced teacher and lifelong photographer. I was fortunate enough to attend a high school where a photography program was offered in lieu of music or visual arts. My technical skills were developed with a twenty year old SLR that had travelled the world with my father before I was born, and I spent endless hours in the darkroom producing my own negatives and prints. On my 25th birthday, I took the leap from traditional film to digital photography. In addition to my experience as a photographer I also have a Masters degree in educational counselling and a professional background in education and group facilitation. The course has been running since the winter of 2014 and I am so excited to now be able to offer it both in person as well as an online course.

(11) Treats! I serve refreshments every class


Registration for my Learning to Use Your Camera Courses is now open.