It has been a chilly start to Winter in Ottawa this year and with February around the corner we surely have many more days of deep freeze ahead of us. Rather than waiting Winter out (which lets face it, will be many more months) I am planning to make full use of my warm, freshly renovated photography studio. I love that I am able to help families make beautiful memories throughout the year, even on those short, cold days of January.

This January I am offering my popular Snuggle Sessions in studio on Saturday, January 27th. My Snuggle Set is the perfect set to come inside and snuggle up on with the ones you love in the warmth of my studio. The light and neutral backdrop of my studio bed set is a beautiful but casual setting for a variety of different photographs for families and children of all ages.

Setting aside the time to schedule, plan, and come to a photography session can seem like an overwhelming task, especially after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season when you just want to take a break. Once you have booked your preferred space online in my boutique here we will take care of all of the details from there.

Some of our newer clients have told us that while they really want beautiful photographs of their family they do not particularly enjoy having their photo taken. They either struggle with looking natural or feel uncomfortable when they’re photographed. My Snuggle Sessions are ideal for parents worried about how they will look or pose for their family photographs. The bed set backdrop is the perfect set for candid, natural looking photographs of you and your family cuddling, laughing, and smiling. After their session new clients always tell us how much fun they have had and how they really appreciate how comfortable and relaxed I was able to make them feel. They are always so happy to see the results of that comfort and fun reflected in their photographs after their session.

One of my favourite things about Snuggle Sessions is that they are ideal for families with  babies and children of all ages. Sometimes it can be hard to find a session that works for nursing photographs, or baby wearing photographs, or young babies, or even older children and teens. The versatility of the backdrop means that your session can be styled based on your children’s ages and your preferences. I am happy to collaborate with you to ensure you have photographs and memories you will treasure forever from your Snuggle Session.

One of parents’ greatest concerns when booking a photo session is whether their children will cooperate enough to allow for beautiful, frame and share worthy photographs. Most parents I have had in the studio have said that they struggle catching more than a profile shot of their running toddler or only have photographs of their child with an awkward smile or nothing frameable from their attempts of taking pictures of their tweens and teens (oh what a fun stage!). My Snuggle Sessions are fun for children and I enjoy making them feel relaxed and engaged in their session. Whether it is with games, songs, or potty humour I always find a way to connect with my younger clients so parents do not need to worry about whether they will have photographs they love from their session.

The backdrop makes Snuggle Sessions a very easy to dress for session. A lot of families struggle with selecting outfits but the neutral and casual bed set means that you do not need to stress. Casual and simple clothing works really well for Snuggle Sessions. Once booked we will send you a Welcome Package with all of the tips you need for selecting your family’s clothing so that you can be sure to look great for your session with no stress at all. We are also always available and happy to help with clothing selection for your session. Clients love that they can be guided through wardrobe selection and be sure they will look their best on the day of their session.

There is only one remaining Snuggle Session left for 2018!   For all of the session details and online booking please head to my boutique here