On Saturday we spent over 12 hours in the car driving home from PEI.  So what did we do today?  Rest?


We headed downtown with tens of thousands of people to meet Kumo and Long Ma!

I’m not going to lie.  I loathe crowds and heat.  And traffic.  But seeing these giant beasts come to life was well worth the temperature and crushing crowds.

We arrived downtown at 12 pm, well ahead of the 2:30 pm start.  We wandered over to the Supreme Court and were able to get up close and personal with both Long Ma and Kumo.  The boys were amazed at their size and the intricacies of the mechanics.

We staked out claim on a raised stair case across the road from the Supreme Court and settled in for a picnic and a two hour wait.  Aside from the throngs of people arriving around us our first hint that the action was about to start was the police motorcade for the crew, who arrived to thunderous applause.

I loved watching the machines as much as I enjoyed the music.  I can’t even imagine the planning and rehearsal that goes into a masterpiece that has to work around tens of thousands of people and a bustling city.

As much as I loved the dance of Kumo’s legs, Long Ma’s interaction with the crowd was incredible to watch.  The dragon snorts and snuffles made her seem so life-like. It was almost like being on a movie set of a fantastic adventure!

I wish we could be there tonight for the final battle and to see the fire breathing dragon at night but alas we are still on east coast time.  I’m hoping someone is kind enough to share a video online tonight so I can live vicariously through their experience!