“After our first year with our twin babies we found that we had so many photos capturing the moments and the chaos that the year has been. We wanted photos capturing just us and the babies away from the noise and distractions of the day to day, mess of the house and mix matched outfits
We loved how Sara was able to find a way to work with the babies regardless of what direction they were wiggling too. While it was a very busy session for all us as we wrangled the babies – we are stunned at the great photos Sara was able to capture of everyone.
We love the photo of the babies both looking up to the balloons in the sky. When working with Sara and the team to plan our session my husband and I were on the fence when it came to the trendy “smash the cake” shoot for the 1st birthday. We actually couldn’t fathom the chaos and mess of a smash the cake with our two little ones. We were inspired by Sara’s blog and the rainbow colored balloon theme came into place. How perfect a backdrop for our two. The image captures their curiosity – which is what being 1 year old is all about.”


Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Baby Photos