There comes a time when your kids sleep longer, they are at school all day, with friends on the weekend, and their focus is on their interests rather than “mommy build another block tower with me!”.  When you’re in it, the sleepless-endless-exhausting toddler years, it may feel like sleep, free time, and peace and quiet will never happen again but it does (I swear).

Family photos are one of those traditions that tends to fall by the wayside as kids get older.  You may be surprised to hear that it’s easier to cajole toddlers into photo session outfits and out the door than it is to convince a 13 year old that snuggling up with mom and dad is an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning.  

I know that with social media and families growing up in the suburbs far away from their family of origin it’s harder than ever to stay connected with your kids. I love knowing that despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life that families make time for a yearly photography sessions to create tangible memories that their kids will have when they leave home for school or to move out on their own.   

If the the prospect of convincing your pre-teen or teen into happily participating in a photography session give you hives, let me help!

1) At a certain age all kids become less keen to have their photographs taken, especially by mom and dad. Eye rolls, scrunched up faces, and turned backs do not make for beautiful memories. Let me take the hassle out of family photos: my sessions are fast, fun, and I have no shame when it comes to getting older kids to crack their stoic “don’t want to be here” glares.

2) We all spend a lot of time photographing our new babies and then our toddlers as they reach milestone after milestone but photographing our older kids takes a back seat to sports practices, homework, and chauffeur duties.  It’s time to replace the generic school and team photos on your wall: let me help you fill the frames with beautiful photos that capture your kids personality and spirit.


3) As kids get older our camera’s tend to sit gathering dust on a shelf as there’s fewer occasions for photos and a lot less cooperation when it comes to posing for a quick photograph before a special event.  Family members will appreciate a non-selfie photo of your kids as much as you will!

4) Kids change so much every year, even when their growth starts to slow.  A yearly photo session is not only a great opportunity to capture their changing personality but also a chance to incorporate what they love into their session.  I love working with pre-teens and teens to style sessions around their preferred wardrobe and passionate interests.  

5) When you have older children your schedule fills up with their hobbies, activities, social lives, and chauffeuring duties.  A family photo session is a great chance to reconnect with your kids and to turn a potentially dreaded event into a fun day out together.  One of the reasons I offer sessions during the evenings is so you don’t have to drag your kids out of bed at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning.