Because everyone loves a good before and after.

My husband I are terrible at gifts.  We always have been, I assume we always will be, and so when he asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day I told him I’d get back to him.  Then he asked again and I requested a few more days.  I lost track of how many times he quietly nudged me and said “So, Mother’s day….”

Then one day while grumbling my way through tidying up our front hall an idea came to me.

“I want you to build me a waiting room!”

(insert a look of terror on my husband’s face)

“Okay well not build but more like assemble”

(gigantic sigh of relief)

The way I schedule my sessions means my clients rarely spend any time outside the studio once they arrive for their session but I’ve always wanting a welcoming space outside the studio for the inevitable moments when families have a few minutes to spare before their session.  Thanks to my husband and eldest son I now have a beautiful waiting area with comfortable chairs, a change table, books to read, and plenty of space for shoes, coats, and the 79 things that parents need to travel with when they’re preparing for a photography session.  Not only is it beautiful AND functional but it was the perfect excuse to order brand new canvases, mounted prints, and matted prints for my walls.

My eldest son is doubly thrilled that he helped with my Mother’s Day gift and with the fact that he now has somewhere comfortable to sit and wait: he’s always the first one ready to leave and inevitably has to hang around waiting for me to corral his brothers.  Now he curls up in the chair, without complaint, and waits while I round up the rest of the herd to head out the door!

“The dark and gloomy BEFORE”

“The bright and cheerful AFTER”