One of my favourite parts of photography sessions is getting to know my clients, especially when I have the chance to photograph families several times each year of as part of a yearly tradition.  My “About Me” page talks a lot about my education, experience, and family so I thought it would be fun to share a little bit more about who I am.

  1. I don’t wear any jewellery.  I won’t say never because I’ve been known, on occasion, to throw on a necklace or bracelets for a night out, but other than special occasions you won’t see me wearing earrings, rings, bracelets, or necklaces.  Growing up I was a competitive horseback rider and worked a vet clinic and for safety reasons jewellery was a no go.  I think old habits die hard because despite my best efforts I find that accessories annoy me more than anything and being clumsy means I’ve broken more than a few necklaces.

2. A few years ago I started buying a mug on each of your family trips.  I’ve since filled a cabinet with mugs, some inspirational, many from our favourite destinations, and this winter I took over an entire cabinet in the kitchen with my collection.  I drink a shocking amount of tea all day long and love having a collection of mugs on my desk at day’s end.

3. I’m still afraid of the dark, which is funny given that I spend most of my days in a dark studio shooting sessions or in my basement office editing.  My husband teases me for leaving lights on around the house at night when I’m putting things away or getting ready for bed because I absolutely hate walking into or out of a dark room.

4. If I worked in an office I’d be in trouble because wearing socks is torturous to me.  I love being barefoot and as long as there’s no snow on the ground I’ll wear a pair of sandals.  And my crooked toes on my left foot?  I broke a wooden baby gate with my foot and was in a cast for 7 weeks.  As a mom of three boys and a photographer I don’t recommend it: my foot took forever to heal because I was still chasing around after my boys.

5. I absolutely love bath bombs.  I love nothing more than escaping to our soaker tub with a bath bomb and book.  My favourite right now are from Purple Urchin but I also recently received several from Tammy’s Tub treats.  I love them so much we actually bartered for product photography because I was quite happy to be paid in bath time relaxation!

6. My favourite colour is pink.  Growing up I lived in grey, navy blue, and black but sometime in my early 20s I discovered bright colours and haven’t looked back!  Even though most days I’m dressed in black from head to toe in the studio because it’s impervious to baby puke and poop, on my days off you’ll find me wearing a rainbow of colours.  I even painted my office pink!