When my littlest was a year old we moved to our current home and my current studio.  Because his brothers were already in school full time he spent many more hours than they did in the studio helping me set-up for sessions, take down sets, and clean and organize.  He loves to bring his toys in to the studio to play while I’m working and set them up on my props.  One of his favourite games is to set up camp fires with my newborn posing bean bags and cushions and to have his photos taken when he’s playing dress up.

A month ago I was setting up for a very special first birthday session and he wandered into the studio while I was untangling flowers and moving props around.  Like a cat and a box he saw a bath tub and had to sit in it.  He clambered in and out of the tub and I mostly ignored him as he rummaged through my toy bag and laundry pile: it wasn’t until he sat down in the tub with a toy and a baby wrap and got to work that I grabbed my camera.

Here is a “how to wrap a newborn” tutorial by my four year old:

Multi layer wraps help calm little ones

Happy baby, happy photographer

Getting Peppa settled before her big moment in front of the camera

It’s important to keep baby’s airway, or carrot, free at all times

Check your wrap as you go to ensure there are no lumps and bumps

Make sure to keep a firm grip on baby at all times to prevent them from startling while you wrap

Leaving a tail of fabric adds dramatic flair to your prop shots and the exposed toes make for great macro images

If your little one doesn’t settle into the wrap don’t despair, a snuggle and some shushing (mayybbeeee not so close to the ear) usually helps