I love when dad’s take the time to tell me about their favourite photos from their sessions!

“My favorite photo is the picture of Tamara and Nora, looking at the camera, cheek to cheek. I love this photo because it captures a moment that I often get to experience when I get home from work and walk through the front door. Sitting on our stairs, ready to greet me, are Tamara and Nora. I’m always so happy to see Nora’s beautiful, shining blue eyes, and Tamara with a big smile on her face, sometimes because she is happy to see me, and sometimes because she is ready for me to change the diaper that Nora just wet, or worse. We were so happy when Nora was born and completed our family of four. This photo captures the joy I feel every time I get to see my wife and our baby daughter enjoying sweet moments together. “

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Baby Photos