“My daughter Aria’s newborn session was so important to our family because she was our last baby, and my only girl. I have 3 boys; 3, 5, 14, and I now have a daughter, as my boys now have a sister. I missed out on these moments with my first 2, and I wasn’t very happy with the 6 images I got for my third baby, so it was very important to me to select a well known, and loved photographer that many of my friends boosted about. Although I got in touch and booked an apt with a Sarah Mcconnell in the USA, Sara, was so kind to fit me into an early spot in the morning on a weekend when she doesn’t take newborns normally. I am so very grateful to Sara for going out of her way to capture these precious moments for us despite her very busy schedule. We found Sara to have a special calmness to her that our children followed suit with. She was able to get my camera shy 5 year old to smile and want to be in every photos, and my rambunctious, bouncy 3 year old, to stay put and listen while she snapped some amazing shots of my three boys with their brand new sister! My favorite photo is of my three boys looking down at their sister in awe! They look so pleased to be the big brothers of this sweet little girl, and its a moment we never would of had on camera had it not been for Sara’s great talent! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful photographer! I look forward to many more sessions with you in the future.”

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Newborn Photos